HWK 21 COVERT Reward?

Interestingly, I received the Striker V3 instead of the HWK 21 COVERT after completing The Quanta elusive target arcane. Does anyone know how to unlock the HWK 21 COVERT?

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I think you unlock it by reaching 20 level mastery in Paris. HWK21 Covert was previously announced to be a reward for the ET Arcade, but they replaced it with Striker V3 because you could already unlock it in Paris before, so there was no need for it to be a reward in ET Arcade. Just work on your mastery levels and you’ll get it in no time…


It was meant to be a different variant/reskin of the HWK21 Covert unlocked in the ET Arcade, but they accidentally put the one that you unlock in Paris in the images on the roadmap - but they changed it anyway.

(This info was listed on the Known Issues page on the Support Hub last month but has since been removed).

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It wasn’t a variant/reskin, it was the same exact gun you unlock in Paris. That’s why it was changed.

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No it wasn’t and you should re-read the message.

IO literally put a message on the Known Issues page for a bit that said that all the images they used for the March roadmap had the wrong variant of the HWK21 Covert on them, but they changed the unlock anyway. How you think you know more about something than IO is beyond me…

Straight from Travis:

Do you get it now? People contacted Travis to point out that we (most of us) already have the HWK 21 Covert. THAT’S when the change was made. The picture for the unlock (Striker V3) still shows the HWK 21 because ioi didn’t want to have a patch for just that. Travis clearly says they had to replace the unlock with something already in the game.


Thank you all! This was super helpful.

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That’s just explaining the process they went through with replacing the unlock.

There isn’t a single word in there that confirms they planned to use the same unlock from Paris in error - because they didn’t. Text IO put on their official Known Issues page (likely by Travis too) explained this component of the situation. It was intended to be a different variant, the images for the roadmap/in-game used the wrong model. The unlock was changed anyway.

You. Are. Wrong.

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Here’s Travis being alerted to it:

Yeah, checking. Then this announcement:

The powerful and majestic Striker V3 arrives today in HITMAN 3.

Complete any of the new Arcade Contracts released today and it’s yours to keep. pic.twitter.com/whEpom7JOU

— IO Interactive (@IOInteractive) March 24, 2022
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So? That still doesn’t say “we had originally planned to use an unlock that was already obtainable”.

Whatever you can find from posts from Travis still isn’t going to change the fact that IO put out some official comms on the Known Issues page saying the intention was to have the unlock be a different variant and that the incorrect variant was used in the imagery for the March Roadmap blogpost/in-game challenge. Rather than simply changing it to the intended variant, they replaced it completely with the Striker V3.

I can’t get the exact wording because its been removed from the Known Issues page and seemingly wasn’t archived anywhere.

This is the third, and final time, I’m going to repeat myself saying the same thing to you because this is stupid and I don’t actually care enough if you want to believe some false narrative that you so desperately want to believe for whatever reason.

So you’d rather deny everything I’ve linked (you know, actual proof) that (god forbid) ioi made a mistake and instead run with your version that makes zero sense and magically can’t be shown because it conveniently disappeared. :joy:


You haven’t proven anything. You’ve shown nothing that has IO admitting that they planned to reuse an unlock. All you’ve proven is that it changed to the Striker V3. :roll_eyes:

It’s almost like they removed it from the Known Issues page because the March Roadmap was over and done with. It’s removal is the change made to that page eight days ago. If I really cared enough, I’d go back on Discord and find the conversation that took place about the note on the KI page at the time, but I really don’t. So yeah.

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…because I know I’m right and there’s a conversation about this note that was previously on the KI page buried in Discord somewhere that could prove it. If I was so obsessed with being right, I’d be digging that up right now but I’m not because I don’t care.

The majority of your latest post is actually quite ironic. :laughing:

This is essentially our debate:

ME - Using existing posts from people on here AND Travis about the topic.

YOU - Something you supposedly read that no one else can access anymore.




hey guys whats going on here

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It’s true though.

Stop being stubborn, take a step back and look at this logically.

If ioi (as you said) were originally planning on releasing a different variant/reskin of the HWK 21 Covert, why is that variant/reskin NOT currently in the game files? Data miners can see everything currently in the game (including unreleased stuff). There is no other version of the HWK 21 Covert.

Why did Travis say he was checking out if the HWK 21 Covert was already an existing unliock if that WAS NOT the gun they were planning on using for the ETA unlock!? Wouldn’t his response be “it’s a different version/skin”.

Remember, the reason we got the Striker V3 is because ioi had to use something that already existed in the game files since they didn’t want a patch for just a single weapon.

So why would ioi announce an unlock (assuming your theory is correct) that doesn’t currently exist in the game and that they had no plans to patch in!?


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He didn’t say this at all - he said “checking this” in the context of “checking to to see what the situation is”. You’ve put words in his mouth here. You’re “argument” is filled with assumptions.

This entire conversation is stupid, I know I’m right as I know what I read and where I read it - plus that myself and others had a conversation about it on Discord. I don’t care enough to convince you that this “theory” is truth and to continue this any further. Continue to believe what you want, but to be absolutely clear since you like to assume: don’t confuse this as admitting defeat - it’s just pointless and trivial.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.