Hypothetical "Briefcase Room"

I didn’t really know what to call this room, but I think it was a missed opportunity to not include a room like the wardrobe but for choosing different briefcases which you take when choosing a large weapon. Do you think this would’ve been good?


Briefcases are used automatically when you choose to bring an illegal item in a mission, for example a sniper. If you want to use it to put an emetic device and send someone to the toilet, its better to choose to bring a shotgun in the mission. Then, get a guard disguise and carry it with you, while you put the emetic device in the briefcase. If you are going for silent assassin suit only, put it in a bush or in a corner where no npcs can find it. Just remember to pick it up later. Also, dont bring katanas or baseball bats, because they cannot be put back in the briefcase

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I don’t think a new Briefcase Room is necessary! That’s a feature that could easily be incorporated within the Wardrobe Room itself.

Everytime I use the Mirror to select 47’s Suit, I keep thinking it’s somewhat of a missed chance that they didn’t use the left-most Briefcase spinning shelf in a similar way to the Mirror. Just add a menu there to choose whatever Briefcase skin you’ve already unlocked, so the game uses it whenever you bring a Briefcase to Freelancer.

Having unlocked the final decorations for the Wardrobe, seeing all those ICA Executive Briefcases on the shelf makes me a bit crazy! In the other Game Modes I’ve always preferred my 47 to use the briefcases that have the Fleur de Lys engravings on the sides. Wish I could use those same briefcases in Freelancer instead of the nondescript, regular ICA Briefcase…


How have I only just come across this thread? :grin:

What a great idea! I hope IOI at least make the option to choose what briefcase you want to take with you on your missions. A perfect example of that is what @Tiki2970 has said. You can easily have an option to choose what briefcase you want in the wardrobe in the basement.

Come to think of it, I do miss seeing 47 carrying that ICA Executive Briefcase in game during Freelancer :wink: