I am not enjoying Hitman anymore

I recently attempted an ET. I assassinated the target while successfully keeping silent assassin rating. I tried to hide the body in a nearby freezer, only to be spotted around the corner and through a wall by a nearby guard. All other guards were immediately alerted. They all immediately knew exactly where I was, trained all of their guns on me and killed me before I could make my escape.
I’m all for a challenge, but this is ridiculous. There is just no place in the world of assassination for casual gamers anymore. I can no longer be bothered to have a game repeatedly call me a failure, simply because I don’t have the time to devote to learning enough to get by. So long, Hitman. It was almost fun while it lasted.


Sometimes our failures are our own fault… It’s regrettable, but fair.

There is Alt+F4 (force quit), or pausing and then disconnecting or turning off your internet connection before you get gunned down.

You can do this if either you’re a coward that dun’ goofed… Or if it’s a case of wall-hacking/NPC Instinct - then that’s a totally warranted reason to force quit or disconnect. And it sounds to me like you were cheated by the game in this instance.




One of my favorite saying about Hitman is that it is inconsistently consistent. There is absolutely a really good game that works 90% of the time, but the 10% that’s left is very annoying. Wall-hacks, weird audio bugs in Bangkok, line breaks being missing on some of the Bio’s, the often strange ways the game prioritises who checks out a sound etc.

I’m not expecting the game to be 100% bug free, no game is, but with Hitman, the rules-based system makes the flaws more apparent and exaggerated than other games and other genre’s.


For me GTA series is the example of bug-free game.
Before finding HITMAN, I played thousands of hours of all GTA games starting from 3 and up to the latest one.
If I ever encountered a bug there, it was something minor and never caused failure or something crucial like some bugs do in HITMAN.
Maybe I was lucky, but the fact remains - GTA series for me is a bugless game


Problem with GTA is that you have a bugless, perfectly crafted husk of a game. They should try doing something more interesting next time than going from A to B with nice cars.

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The game is inconsistent with what breaks and how long it takes to repair. I for one don’t understand why, it’s not like it’s the most complicated game out there, either to develope or to play. But, if one particular aspect of it is making it not fun anymore, then I question whether you ever found it fun in the first place. Considering that each of these bugs is likely to be addressed at some point prior to end of service, particularly when other content stops dropping, the game will be fun “again.”

They’ve been doing that since 3.

Is it a problem with the game or only ET?

Pick one. Saying it’s a bugless game and admitting it has bugs, no matter how small or minor to you, is still a game with bugs in it. It’s a self-defying argument. And there are definitely major bugs in GTA; the loading bug in GTA V for example that took someone from outside the company to rewrite their entire loading backend.

And the less said about the inconsistent server issues with GTAO and the amount of cheaters on there, the better.

As I said, the game is much more rules-based than most games are, so any deviation from that tends to be noticed more by players and treated as game breaking over the likes of GTA, which, while it has its own ruleset, tends to be significantly more freeform than Hitman, so bugs will either be rarer, and/or less game-breaking, depending on the situation.

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I guess a bit of both. Back when i had the time to figure things out i would have kept at until i succeeded. It takes me a long time to learn new things, and at this stage of my life I have to focus the time i have on more important things. Earlier Hitman games I could jump in and play. Now i have so much to learn that i would have to be a full-time gamer to learn them. Fun for me is choosing how to play. Unless I am a skilled gamer (which I am not) I have to tip toe around to avoid disaster. I’m sure Hitman is fun for some, but not me. Not anymore.

Key word “if” there. I don’t remember any bugs during me playing dozens of times each game

Personally I don’t count Online any close to GTA single player plot and never played it.
For me it’s a shitty standalone game which I prefer not touch

I see this took all of 3 seconds to get way off topic.

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Understandable. Earlier games were simpler in
design. The few scenarios you had to complete the mission were straight to the point, with a short strategy puzzle tied to it. Todays Hitman is ambitious, gigantic and quite layered. It simply takes more time planning a strategy, thinking about each step and lots of trial and error. If you’re not experiencing “fun” and the bugs make it worse, I’d suggest you keep playing the older games. Theres no shame in that and they wont run away.


Unfortunately, concerning Hitman 2016 and 2018, they did run away. But I get what you’re saying. Looks like its back to basics.

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True. In any case the trial and error approach is completely negated by the ET concept. I always take the most boring and safe way to kill an ET because I have only one chance.

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They’re still cool to play under the WOA umbrella :slightly_smiling_face:

Like others have pointed out, your issue in this particular case might have just been one of them off days.

If that was indeed a bug during your ET, it’s worth reporting at this link:


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I appreciate the idea, but IO has never listened yet. I doubt they ever will.

IOI are one of the only few game companies out there that actually take on board fan feedback from the wider fan base and the official forums. Not many game companies do that you know? I remember back in the day (prior to release of HITMAN 2016 & shortly after Absolution), IOI created a dedicated feedback thread asking us fans what we wanted/would like to see in the future game. The majority of that feedback was incorporated into the WOA Trilogy. You can’t ask for anymore than that? They are really busy with the new Bond game, so little bugs here and there will slip through the net on Hitman, but we are in a very fortunate position that we are still getting Hitman updates, new content and potentially Year 4 roadmap.

Remember, make sure you report that bug. Trust me, it does help :slightly_smiling_face:


At this point, I’m not going to waste the effort. I have in the past, reported, bugs, missing items and malfunctions. I’ll just wait for Bond and hope its worth playing.

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Them taking time to implement fixes and them actually ignoring us are two very different things.