I believe in a canon method (Graph-Point: House of Cards)

I love these canon-point discussion posts. The way I thing what happened, based upon hints, upon features, upon the world of assassination trailer, and more, I have overall approached the conclusion that we have a nice cool method canon.

The only thing brought into here’s the W200 sniper rifle in briefcase. That’s it. 47 makes his way to meet the greeters, then he goes and checks in and gets his 7th floor card. After that he notices the scientist arriving (and heck, maybe even going into the elevator). Before heading upstairs, he heads to check out the casino, then the bar. This is where he notices the Arabian meeting place. He also talks to bartend lady, learning that room 707 is his point of target. With this? He heads upstairs.

So he heads on upstairs and he checks out his room, he goes on the balcony to peep the scene. Here he notices the scientist in the catercorner up-a-floor room looking out the window. “Bingo Bongo Bango” he thinks to himself. He then accesses his binoculars and checks out 707. “Darn it and crap!” he thinks to he in mind, “this vantage point just will not cut it”.

Knowing what he knows he goes out just to walk around, that’s when he hears a woman grunt and fall, a very weird-ish sound. He goes around the corner just to freakin’ check it out, that’s when he meets the horny lady who invites him to her room. He thinks “a perfect vantage point, solution to my problems. She’s drunk as hell and probably won’t remember. She’ll either pass out, or I’ll kill her. I’m still the Blood Money 47, not the WOA one, so I have no problem killing an innocent woman who gets in my way”.

Luckily for her, she passes out to soon. 47 takes out his binoculars and zooms. He zooms on in to see the window, there and now at last. The perfect vantage point for what he needs. He steps out on the balcony, and then unpacks his rifle. He’s crouching, taking aim, and now he plays the waiting game. The German male, he walks on it, while 47’s ready-aiming. Then he pops a single bullet cross-the way and through the second window directly into the skull of the blonde German target. He starts to exit the room but then hesitates. “I wonder if the coast is clear” he peaks through keyhole only to find the very weird NPC who stands outside the door. “Darn it and crap!” he imagines the words in his minds eye just flashing before him. So he turns right around and its “back to balcony” now will he hop across back to his own.

The coast is now clear and as tight as can be. He unpacks his rifle and stores it in the ICA crate. He neatly drops the briefcase by the crate for the cleaners, and heads on down the hall. He reaches the hallway balcony, steps outside and very sneakily and slowly approaches the ledge. Making sure the scientist ain’t watching, he shimmies across to get to the German males balcony. Once he reaches it he walks on in the room, drags the German male into the bathroom, takes his clothes, his pistol, and his keycard. He puts the pistol in the briefcase and he walks on down the hall. He goes to the meeting place, gets frisked, but before going left to the meeting he retrieves the pistol and replaces it with a bomb. He does the whole meeting, he stands there and waits, and eventually guard gets the case.

He gathers the diamond case, picking it up, then he pops the sheik with a swift, quick, and singular bullet to the brain from the silenced pistol he picked up of German. He heads now from here back upstairs to the german’s room, on his way up to the elevator, he hears a loud bang and he notices commotion all around. Must be a fire drill. He gather’s his suit, then he heads to security office, he waits for the waiter to leave. As soon as he does, he sneaks on inside, he sedates the seated security male, and he steals the video tape.

Then, he’s home free, and he waltzes to the exit.

To me this method is canon because it makes use of most of the unique thingies and events in the level, and it allows 47 to snipe a target in Vegas, fulfilling the ambiguous blood money portion of the world of assassination trailer, plus it makes use of the drunk woman, and it makes use of the silenced pistol carried by the German guy, and the bomb gimmick which is deeply implied and deeply easy. Plus this whole method just feels the most complete, and the most cinematic to me.

I personally always felt that the best use of all the gimmicks for this mission was to either push Schmutz off the balcony as an accident, since 47 can talk to the Shiek in his regular suit, or to strangle Schmutz in the elevator as he’s riding it up, since you don’t have many chances to do that throughout the rest of the game, and you can change outfits on top of the elevator to stay hidden. Then follow through on the rest like you said.

I’m pretty sure that sniper moment in the legacy trailer was meant for his first mission in Hong Kong for C47, where he has to snipe from a rooftop. Yeah, it says casino behind him, but it’s not uncommon for English to be found in large cities worldwide for English-speaking tourists, and if you look closely, you can see that overlaying the word CASINO is non-English writing that isn’t lit up at the moment, which is probably in Cantonese or Mandarin (the primary languages in China). While possibly it’s the language of whatever country the Shamal casino is supposed to “represent,” that unlikely to be shown in an American city like Vegas, even for the sake foreign visitors.

Additionally, the assassinations shown in that trailer take place in order of the games released, with the drowning of Fritz being the exception, but it’s meant to be a moment from Contracts rather than C47, so if we go in order, the sniping moment is from the first game, and the Blood Money moment is shown when he’s strangling Delgado.

Besides, most of those moments from the trailer were selected primarily to be recognizable and because they could be made to look cool in a trailer to new players who haven’t experienced the previous game before, rather than to show how a kill actually happened, so it shouldn’t really be relied on as a confirmation of what actually happened to those targets.

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The idea of 47 talking like this to himself in his mind is just so hilarious and out of character to me


Hahahaha yeah that is also my favorite part tbh it made me laugh out loud as soon as my brain presented it to me so I had to put it in there. (Deleted previous non-reply version of comment)