I believe in a canon method (Graph-Point: Kirov Park Meeting)

I can’t get enough of these canon-point style discussion posts. You can check out my last one which was for A House of Cards. This one? Ehh this is gonna be for a different mission. The one which is known-alone by the name of “ Kirov Park Meeting”. AKA one of my favorites, other than House of Cards.

The way I calculate canonicity to seek out all the gimmicks and POIs offered, and try to get the fullest experience possible. So I now present to you Kirov Park Meeting.

So Dr. 47 motorboats his way to the scene and then he steps up onto the stairs. He’s marching to the music when the car drives by a blasts the honkey-horn. He then busts out his binoculars, peeps the plate, then watches as the general pops on outta the car and walks into the park “a walk in the park” he thinks to himself.

He crosses the street while taking note of the cathedral. He sees it, acknowledges it’s beauty, and thinks to himself “I like it, I’m glad it’s here. It’s cool so I’ll make sure to make note of it, but it just doesn’t seem like a canon-point”. Then he checks behind the dumpster and thinks “Bingo Bango Bongo. Just what I needed! (In Mario’s voice)”. He gathers his sniper rifle, his bomb, and his night vision. Along with the pistol, just in case. Then when the guard ain’t lookin’ he hurries to the closest nearby man-hole. He goes on down the ladder and then he activates his knight-vision goggles since they are given to him, and the sewer is the only dark place, giving indication that THIS is to be the canon-usage.

He scurries along and he climbs up the male-hole concealed by the general’s car. “Bingo Bango Bongo”. He mutters. He pops the bomb onto the bottom of the car and he walks on down the hall.

He quickly thinks “now hang on a second, I was gonna also bomb the mafia male’s car, but I was given a rifle, and two vantage points. That means that this is a sniping mission!” As most people know, there can’t be two canons. We are given two bombs AND a rifle. Suddenly a light bulb went off in 47s head and he wants again thought those three famous words: Bingo, Bango, and Bongo.

He heads on over (still in the sewer) to the male-hole nearest to the radio tower. He climbs out and runs around the alley way. He waits for the patrolling guard to be near the streets, then he quickly runs and pick locks the radio tower fence, runs inside and crouches behind the dumpster, hiding. By now the guards is coming back. He passes not noticing 47, then 47 waits once again for him to be headed towards the street. From here, he has plenty of time to sneak behind the guard and give him chloroform, which he does.

Now? He climbs up the tower ladder, takes aim, and snipes the MAFIA boss, but not the general. He witnesses the general running to his car and then he hears a loud bang. “Must be some thunder” he thinks to himself as he’s hurrying back down the ladder.

He drops his rifle next to the sleeping guard, and moves the guards AK over by the dumpster. That way when the guards come rushing, they will think they have a traitorous guard on their hands. By then though, 47 will be long gone. Because he is already heading back down that male hole sewer ladder, running back to his original man hole, climbing out, popping out his binocks to check out the dead general in the blasted car, then he heads back to his boat and finishes with a fully blue bar, all zeroes, except for 1 shot fired.

He got silent assassin, AND suit only! And he fulfilled the most canonish method imaginable. This is freakin’ awesome! You feel like a true hitman assassin when you do this. Bye

Perhaps these should all be in one thread and you title the individual posts after the mission you wish to talk about, instead of creating a new thread for each mission…

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That is a great idea. Can I make a new thread and copy and paste both of these into it? Also I agree with what you said about the Housing of the Cards. I think there are two possible candidates. One where you strangle German and then pull fire alarm and then call shiek on the phone to snipe. And the other one is what I was mentioning.