I can't access the deadly sins dlc [RESOLVED, check access]

I can’t access the deadly sins dlc and I just bought the game with the deluxe version.

I suppose you’re aiming on getting help, but nobody could help you if you don’t provide more details

That’s just the problem, what more details do you need, I bought the HITMAN World of Assassination Deluxe Edition which is on steam today and it gives me access to everything but the seven sins, it tells me I have to buy it to get access but clearly I already have it.

Seven Sins DLC is a separate paid DLC which should be bought separately on each platform you get game on

That is outdated information. Seven Deadly Sins is included in World of Assassination Deluxe. It was not included in Hitman 3 Deluxe.


I don’t know what you are talking about, literally in steam it says that it comes with the version I bought and in the same steam it says that I have it installed but when I want to get into it I get that I don’t have access.
Screenshot 2024-01-12 222040

Okay then, go to game’s properties in Steam desktop app and see if all desired items are ticked.
Sometimes it can be the issue, you have the content, but it’s not active and not downloaded.
So check that.
I don’t have access to Steam right now so I can’t tell where exactly this option is, but it’s something like Manage DLCs

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yes, I have everything activated, well, usually everything is already activated when the game is installed.

So if you go to Seven Sins category or destination page, the corresponding escalation is greyed out and says buy to get access?
I have no clue then how the community could help with this.
Maybe a standard recommendation - fully reinstall the game. Maybe it will hook the DLC up then.
Try to contact Steam and IOI Support for help

Having the same issue. Bought the World Of Assassination deluxe pack but can’t access “The Seven Deadly Sins” bundle. Even though it’s clearly included in the bundle. And it gives me the option to buy it again in the game but when steam opens it says I already own it. Still can’t play it.

Well, seems like it’s included only in words, but not in fact.
Hope they will fix this issue if they promised to include it in the game

Hey man, I don’t know if you still also have the issue but I sent a mail to support and apparently it’s a known issue now. The dev team is working on it as we speak. Let’s hope we get to play the dlc we paid for asap :slight_smile:


The same, I sent a ticket and they told me that they were solving it, I hope it is true.

Is this problem already resolved?
I also have the same problem.


na, the problem is still there, maybe it will be solved or not.

I think the more reports IOI gets, the faster fix will come.
So go to IOI Support Players Hub (link in one of the messages above) and create a ticket on the issue

If they officially advertised that it should be included, then it should be included, aka should work, so should be fixed.

To increase chances, I will tag our new Community Manager to push this further @Combatglue

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Hey guys,

I just got an e-mail from support. it’s fixed!
You all should be able to access the DLC. I can too.


Yep, finally fixed, thank goodness