I cant import certain weapons to hitman 3

i did successfully carryover or import my items or weapons from hitman 2 over to hitman 3 and yes it did work for the most part. but, my rifles, and shotguns did not import over to hitman 3. but they did import to hitman 1 and hitman 2 successfully. when i play hitman 3 if i wanna smuggle shotguns or rifles i cant do it. why is this happening? i play on steam.

There are a few items that can be unlocked with some events, like Hokkaido Snow Festival and Orson Nightmare (or whatever it’s called - this is Halloween-themed Escalation in Hawkes Bay).
I believe those items can’t be transferred and needed to be unlocked in corresponding events.
Those events might not be in Steam version yet, thus those items unavailable.
But I bet those events will appear in the game over time and you’ll be able to unlock those items then.

Also there are some unlocks tied to Featured Contracts.
When you reach certain milestone (e.g. 20 FC completed), you are able to get some gun or item.
I believe those items couldn’t be transferred as well, and you need to complete needed number of Featured Contracts to unlock them

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