I can't peel the banana

I watched some videos on how to do it but I can’t seem to place the banana anywhere… I don’t know if it’s a glitch that came with Hitman 3, but it’s annoying me.

You have to hold a Placing Item button and find a right spot to place it.
Right spot is when the item’s shadow is green.
Go to your game’s options key bindings to see what key is binded for item placement action


Does this include consoles? I’m playing on Series X.

This button should be all over the platforms.
Just go to Options - Controls (or Mouse & Keyboard) and search there a button that responds for item placement.
I can’t show you exactly how to get there because I’m on PC and have no controller

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hold right bumper and left bumper at the same time, aim at a nearby surface and press y. placing items is a bit harder in hitman 3 since its more difficult to see where you’re placing it but it does still work


Thanks for all the help. This LB RB method worked perfectly!