I can't play a mission for more than a few minutes without my game, and sometimes my entire PC, crashing

I play on PC (Steam) and I have tried everything I know to do. My game won’t play for more than a few minutes without crashing. I can play other games just fine. I’ll start a mission on Freelancer or any normal campaign, everything will seem fine for a few minutes, and then it freezes and crashes. Event Viewer throws up “Exception code: 0x80000003 Fault offset: 0x000000000136daf3”.

List of things I’ve tried: updating GPU driver, removing GPU and CPU overclock, changing RAM timings, playing in “fullscreen” instead of “exclusive fullscreen”, turning my graphics settings down, reinstalling the game, reinstalling Windows, swapping RAM kits, updating BIOS, disabling antivirus, and I’m sure there’s something I forgot about.

I’ve reached out to IOI support and heard nothing back in two weeks. I just want to play this game. Please help.

If you have any mods installed, get rid of them and try again.
At most of the times mods can cause game to crash.
And PC crashes might be caused by overheating while attempting to process all that happening while the game is running.

Also try this:

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I had mods before, but since I reinstalled Windows, I no longer have mods and I still crash just as much, if not more. I stress-tested my CPU/GPU and my GPU hot spot gets to 90C and CPU to like 50C.

Edit: I also tried the regedit fix that you linked, and it didn’t help me. I knew I forgot to list something.

I have no more ideas at this moment.
Maybe IOI Support will get back to you eventually…
I don’t remember if the game has windowed mode, but if it has, worth trying it, just in case.
Also, are you sure that your specs correspond the game requirements?

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I have a Ryzen 5 1600X, GTX 1080, and 16GB RAM. I never had an issue with the other 2 games. It runs at 144 FPS when it runs at all, which isn’t for very long.