I couldn't accomplish the "Sniper Assassin"

I started in the office room and slipped out of the house immediately after the target entered and then I found an open area in the beach and prepared my Sieger 300 Tactical sniper rifle. When the target got out of her bed room for a breath, I took her out in the head. Then I evacuated safly.

In the whole mission I never got spotted. But when it come to the end I realized that the “Sniper Assassin” was not accomplished.


Is that because that Sieger 300 Tactical doesn’t count as a sniper rifle, or because I started in the office room?

Without footage it’s hard to say, but the Sieger Tactical counts as a sniper rifle and your starting location is irrelevant to the Sniper Assassin challenge.


I tried again. But this time I wait until the target fell asleep, then shot her with the same sniper rifle, and hide the body in the chest (otherwise it would be found by her boyfriend awaked by whatever method I use to lure away the guards near my boat).

Then, it counted. Weird.

Hiding the body doesn’t matter for Sniper Assassin, but I’m glad it worked out for you.

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Could bodies found ruin the condition of “Don’t get spotted”?
I encountered similar things again in MUMBAI: I took out 3 targets with a sniper rifle in the tower and I quickly escaped that area before enemies arrived. So technically I’m not spotted. But in the end I didn’t accomplish Sniper Assassin.

And I tried again, but I killed the targets in silent ways, without any body found before I exit the scene. But still, Silent Assassin didn’t finish. I searched and there’s an explain said that bodies in open area would ruin the condition of “No bodies found”, even they’re not found before you exit the game.

So, if bodies found ruin “Don’t get spotted”, everything makes sense.

Bodies found usually only invalidates Bodies found, not spotted.

If you want to know when and why you lost SA then there’s an indicator in the settings (I think in HUD, but I haven’t explored the settings lately) that will show you if you still have SA or not.

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I usually use the Sniper Assassin challenges as an excuse to play non-Silent Assassin, so I tend to shoot the targets while they’re in full view of others and I’ve never had a problem getting the Sniper Assassin challenges to unlock.

Turning on the SA tracker, as William suggested, and checking the detailed score at the end of the mission to see where you’re losing points might help to determine why you’re not getting it to work.

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This was one of those missions where I didn’t even attempt to take a more traditional sniper approach. I just waited in the bedroom until they started the shower/brushing teeth routine, knocked them both out, sniped her at close range, and then left. Makes for a pretty easy SASO run too if you don’t mind waiting around.