I don’t understand how to win in Attack of the Saints

I can’t understand how to win and beat the level using suit only, silent assassin. I am talking here about the first section. I don’t even care about the evidence at this point, nor the poison. Literally all I ask is to suit only assassinate the two targets and leave to the second sector.

The thing is, I can kill the first target easily using garrote. Then, I can deeply easily sneak my way close to the second target. The problem is it’s just impossible to fiber wire without someone seeing. I’m playing on normal mode, and the distribution and walking pattern of the guards is such that there is ALWAYS one of them that will spot me immediately when fiber wiring the second nun.

On the walkthrough on the wiki, it says there is plenty of privacy, but that is completely false. What do I do? How can I win this? I’m trying to do no knockouts, no disguises, no evidence. Please help I’ve been trying this for days and days. It is by far the hardest game I’ve ever played. It is FAR far harder than any battletoad, solver surfer, or ninja gayden NES title. Far harder.

And? When spotted you have to start all over again since using the freakin’ checkpoint causes the guards to be already established so you can’t sneak past without a knockout.

I don’t know off hand. But I figured I’d ask if you’ve tried using an explosive to draw the guards away. It seems like there is a demo-block near the bus.

There are (obviously) suit only runs you could probably look up on Youtube.

What I’m thinking is - before you’re about to garrote the 2nd target, or maybe after - detonate the explosive and that should draw the guards towards the general area where it went off, and hopefully away from you or any bodies, giving you enough time to get to the exit. :person_shrugging:

Edit: Maybe someone that actually knows what to do will chime in. But generally, that’s how this (generation - in the Glacier Engine) of Hitman NPCs work.

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You need to use a lot of distractions to change for a while the guards route

If it’s not important for you to kill her with the fiberwire, then you can:

  1. Poison her drink with a rat poison that can be found on the level.
  2. Throw the Agency’s knife to her head. You can do this even if someone’s looking at her, as long as they don’t see you, you still get SA.
  3. Use the explosive. Just make sure no one else will be near the blast to avoid collateral damage and that no one sees you. Do that and that’s still SA.
  4. Shoot her in the head when no one looks at her. They can find the body right after that and that won’t violate SA, but if someone sees a bullet landing on her, you will be compromised.
  5. Hard to arrange, but. The civilian SUV she’s standing right next to before you come down the stairs can be blown up if you shoot it in Point Shooting mode. If no one else is hurt, that’s still SA.

Not gonna tell you how to kill her with the fiberwire right now, but.

  1. Use distractions. You can throw melee items, and the C4 explosive as well - that one doesn’t take your melee slot so you can hold two thrown items at once. You can also use bullet distractions - shoot at something with the silenced Silverballer and the closest guard will investigate the bullet impact. However, if you shoot too close to a guard or shoot twice, he will recognize it’s a bullet and become alert. Other, more difficult distractions require you to bump into someone’s back and sneak past them as they turn around, or run to attract a guard to the sound of your footsteps.
  2. Learn the location’s layout first - take a disguise from some guard, go there, learn how and when exactly the NPCs move. Maybe there’ll be some window of opportunity. Try to execute your strategy in the disguise, then repeat it in your suit, adapting at some moments with the distractions etc.

I always remember having difficulty with this level, especially doing it with suit only on Purist difficulty :hushed:

Don’t worry about doing this mission Silent Assassin and Suit Only. Chances are, you can’t. That’s a WoA thing; Absolution wasn’t made with the idea in mind of doing both in the same playthrough and there are many missions you can’t. This is one of them. Play through it once suit only and kill everybody to get that challenge, and then play again silent assassin and change disguises when you must.

Oh no it WAS designed with this idea inside of mind. For one matter of one fact, absolution is the Hitmale title which even INTRODUCED the challenge of suit-only. Every level is built to where it can be done. Do you feel me? These levels are from the video game hitman absolutjon which STARTED this whole “suit only” phenomenon. I hate to say it, but it’s even the same freakin’ engine as WOA. It has all of your know-&-favored “subdue” mechanisms, cover mechanisms, “scale cover” and/or “transition or change cover” mechanisms, you name it! Can you feel me?

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No, not really. And Blood Money started the suit only thing. Maybe not as a challenge, but then, I’m not talking about the challenge. But then, like I also said, it had a challenge for suit only and one for silent assassin, but unlike WoA, it does not have a challenge for both at once. WoA’s engine was built on Absolution’s, but Absolution still has a lot of limitations to the gameplay that WoA widens out. Doing both SA and SO in the same playthrough in Absolution, is not feasible in most circumstances.

On normal at least it seems to be made for it. I just beat the game last night! I only used thrown distraction two to three times total! It can be tricky but the way there’s always cover you can switch between with nothing but your suit? And I did go for minimal knockouts, but if you go for pacifications then it’s just so easy to do so I’d have to disagree unfortunately and I am very very sorry to say so.