I feel some of the suits should be reclassified into different categories

First of all, I think the Classic All-Black Suit should be considered “Classic” instead of “Formal”. Classic is right in its name and its look is very similar to the Suburban Suit which is considered “Classic”. I also think The Raver should be in “Casual” instead of “Themed”. If it came with the mask I could understand it in “Themed”, but right now to me it seems pretty similar to the Smart Casual Suit and more deserving of “Casual”.

The main reason I wanted to make this post is I feel the “Themed” tab is way too crowded. Right now I have 18 suits in it, and it’ll only get more crowded when I unlock Santa 47, the White Yukata, and presumably the other four 7 Deadly Sins suits will be “Themed” as well. I feel it’d be much better if the Deluxe Edition suits and 7 Deadly Sins suits were put in their own separate tabs.

Let me know what you guys think about this!


I think they’re fine as they are, it takes like 2 seconds to scroll through. In fact I’d actually like to remove the Freedom Fighters phantom outfit from tactical and move it to themed -it looks goofy alongside the other 4 black tactical suits imo.

All I really want suit-wise is for the black Ninja outfit from Hokkaido to be a permanent unlock (put that in tactical instead of FF) and reversely, for the White Shadow to be an alternative option for mountain path start.


I would love the old ninja outfit to be unlockable the black one

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but other suits are still out there like the solstice suit subject 47 and the pumpkin suit