I found a easter egg in Hitman 3's PSVR Reveal Trailer

There is a bar called the ‘Black Gold Bar’.
The pattern on the gold frame is actually used all over the place in ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.’ The first level of this game is also set in Dubai.

Furthermore, Black Gold seems to be a reference to ‘The New Black Gold’ a song made by Miracle of Sound that is inspired by ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’.

Another thing to note is that ‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.’ uses a modified version of the ‘Glacier 2’ engine.

And of course, the fact that ‘IO Interactive’ was associated with ‘Eidos Interactive’.

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I am not so sure myself, “Black gold” is a synonym for oil since a long time now. Having one company turning it into “New Black Gold” and another into “Black Gold Bar” seems not to be related to each other.

The pattern might be a closer fit. It still is not very special but DE makes it a big deal to feature in their artwork so they could have taken inspiration there. :slight_smile:


True. It could be just a coincidence.

Black gold = oil and the scaffolding pictured is supposed to be an oil drilling structure. Notice the “splash” or “fountain of oil” coming out of the top of the image. Below is an actual oil drilling structure.

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I think OP means the geometrical pattern at the bottom of the picture.

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I know what a mining rig looks like.


Yeah, the pattern and Name. Another thing is that Mankind Divided used a modified version of the Glacier 2 engine.

Cross franchise asset reuse? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh I did not know that, interesting!