I just noticed an inconsistency with the naming of Target challenges

In Hitman 2016 and 2’s maps, the challenges in the “Targets” category all follow the formula “The _______”, where the blank is some descriptor of the target (similar to the Elusive Target naming). For example, the challenge to eliminate Sierra Knox is called “The Daredevil”, and the challenge to eliminate the Maelstrom is called “The Ghost”.

However, in Hitman 3’s maps the challenges just follow the format “Eliminate _______” where the blank is the targets’ name and the description is the exact same as the challenge title: “Eliminate Carl Ingram”, “Eliminate Hush”, “Eliminate Tamara Vidal”, etc. What’s even weirder is Berlin’s target challenges follow the original 2016/2 naming format: “The Rookie”, “The Sniper”, “The Leader”, etc. The inconsistency bugs me.


Maybe Ingram, Hush, Vidal and other “incorrect” targets just don’t have codenames?

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Perhaps after the change was made someone realised that using the targets names in Berlin would unmask them and one could use contracts mode to identify all of them?

They get unmasked as soon as 47 hears a white dot NPC talk into their headset anyway, but technically they are unknowns and maybe this was done to keep that unknown aspect alive.

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I assume this is pretty much an oversight of some sort on part of the devs and have pointed it out in the bug report thread a while ago. So hopefully they will change it at some point, cause I find it annoying.