I need help with my account

how can i contact support, my old account seems to be absent, how can i get it back?

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If you mean this forum’s account, the forum has been refreshed and everybody needed to register again


The forum just recently had a wipe to combat stability issues with its previous server it was on. This is the new forum from the transfer so you must re-register an account again.

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ok, got it, good to know🤘🏻

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Really happy I found this thread…I was wondering the same thing because I know I had an account and didn’t know why the site kept saying I didn’t.

I was wondering the same, everything seems to be deleted. That’s sad for all the great topics and discussions we had during all these years, hope they managed to save them somewhere and be able to put them back someday.

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They won’t be put back, but will be saved.

Here, until March 2021:

Here, until eternity:


Great, thank you !!!