I need some guys to complete Sniper Assassin Multiplayer!

Does anyone want to get the Sniper Assassin Multiplayer achievements plus the Contract high score achievement with me? Anyone have group or discord?

I thought Hitman Sniper Assassin Multiplayer was disabled?

I cannot find player mode, so I find some guy still playing

Still alive although it’s been said it will be put down before HITMAN 3 release.

Dammit, why they keep Sniper Assassin multiplayer that nobody plays, but did put down Ghost Mode?
Shit, I feel I’m getting angry on this


Really, Huh. Strange to announce and ignore especially if draining them money.

And Yeah, I feel yar

Could of really given it some new life with Hitman 3 as well given the maps feel more suited to it then Hitman 2’s were. Namely Dubai, Berlin, Mendoza and possibly Dartmoor


Didn’t even know it was still in Hitman 2, may end up reinstalling it. Obligatory tears for Ghost Mode.

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