I trying to remember, are there any H1, 2 or 3 missions that would need the sieger 300SD?

Ok, so i finally looked up how to get a silenced sniper rifle, now thsat i’ve become more good at Hitman (specifically the newer ones, H1, 2 and 3… Blood money was pretty easy, and could DEFINTELY USE A REMASTER, WOULD BE AMAZING TO HAVE COOL NEW ITEMS WITH ORIGINAL MISSIONS AND BONUS MISSIONS LIKE H1, 2 3.

But back on point, is there a mission in any of the Trilogy to use a silenced sniper rifle. I suppose i could cause a stir or wait for 45 minutes to elim. Viktor in Paris, not sure if i can find a vantage point for Dalia.

But any tips would be great, i’d love to get some pointers onwhere and why to snipe, i’m generally an up-close and personaly “Black Cat” as of late, and wouldn’t mind the distance, though Colorado springs to mind as well.

Check this thread, maybe you’ll find some info there

you never cease to fulfill wishes, cheers m8.