I watched Hitman 2007 last night

It was a masterpiece. Great plot, never got boring, but there was one thing I didn’t like. He wasn’t a “Silent assassin”. In the games you’re encouraged to not kill civilians. In the movie, he kills whoever he wants. That was a little problem though, but it was still a great movie.

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Maybe it was the ‘Freelancer Edition’.


Ah, yes. Maybe they predicted Freelancer 15 years in advance…

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I love the part where everyone puts their swords out like it’s the most normal thing in the world to have them on you at all times :sweat_smile:


To be fair, 47 kills however he believes to be a threat, civilian or otherwise. In Blood Money he kills a mailman in a cutscene. He does so due to him delivering top secret mail and it might compromise him mission. 47 will basically do anything to complete the mission. The SA is more of a gameplay mechanic then a in universe that dictates 47’s actions. That said 47 is the preferred Assassin due to him extremely silent approach.


However, unless it’s to protect himself or his identity, he won’t kill anyone not dictated or permitted by the mission. In C:47 and Contracts, ignoring Colombia as a pure gameplay issue, 47’s contract was only for Lee Hong; ICA knew they couldn’t get to him right away and so approved and sanctioned the hits on the other triad members to make it happen, so 47 was killing with permission even when it wasn’t a target.

Same thing occurred in H2:SA in getting to Hayamoto, and again with the target who had a twin. In Blood Money, the fact that the package the courier delivered was labeled “code red” clued 47 in that he had permission, perhaps even direction if it was standard agency protocol, to terminate the courier. The ? assassin lady was self defense, but as a rival hitter, 47 was probably given permission for her retroactively. Requiem wasn’t a mission, just survival, so doesn’t count, and the Swing King mission is a tutorial, but can still be done SA. We even see that in Patient Zero if the virus gets out.

So, 47 will only kill to protect himself or to deal with personal enemies (H2-H3), and when on the job, will never kill someone who is not one of those or is not part of the job, unless he is given clearance to. This seems to be a combination of his desire to be discreet, to maintain his professional reputation to keep the good jobs coming to him, and his own lack of desire to just up and kill people if it’s not personal or he hasn’t been given permission or payment.

So for the first movie, the initial shootout is self-defense (even though Game 47 could have probably escaped without firing a shot), and subsequent actions are 47 going rogue because the agency sold him out to the client, so it’s all become kind of personal. In any event, it’s not the 47 we know, so some allowances are ok. He doesn’t go over the top with it. The one from the second movie however… he’s actually much sloppier than Olyphant’s 47.


I really love the restaurant toilet scene when Olypahnt’s movement and the camera angle respresent the games perfectly.

Actually a good movie I think. Maybe not the perfect Hitman movie, but it has its moments and is overall enjoyable to watch.


It was terrible (for me anyway) and that’s what made it so good.

Not every game gets its own movie.

hang on, you don’t?!