ICA Agents Equipment Overview

I haven´t noticed it anywhere on the forum, but thought it might be useful for people who wanna do a Berlin playthrough utilizing the equipment they can “loot” off the ICA agents, and don´t necessarily remember who´s got what and where. Here´s a list of agents, including their location. All agents carry an earpiece of course, but that´s not necessary to mention.

Obviously, in case you haven´t played the level yet, SPOILER ALERT.


  • technician disguise, standing on the bridge overlooking the club dance floor (L-1)
  • DAK X2 Covert (no suppressor), modern lethal syringe


  • club security disguise, roaming the club dance floor area (L-2)
  • DAK X2 Covert (no suppressor), remote Semtex demo block Mk. III


  • no disguise, roaming the club entrance floor area and chill out area (L0)
  • DAK X2 Covert (no suppressor), lockpick Mk. III


  • club security disguise, club rooftop (L2)
  • ICA SMG Raptor Covert, concealable knife, radio tower key


  • biker disguise, biker hideout garage + drug packaging area (L0)
  • ICA SMG Raptor Covert, remote CX demo block


  • club security disguise, roaming the club (L-1 and L-2)
  • DAK X2 Covert (with suppressor), club keycard


  • biker disguise, biker hideout grow house area (L1)
  • ICA SMG Raptor Covert, lethal pills


  • no disguise, roaming the juice bar and chill out area (L0)
  • DAK X2 Covert (no suppressor), electronic key hacker


  • club crew disguise, roaming back entrance area (L0)
  • DAK X2 Covert (no suppressor), ICA remote audio distraction Mk. III


  • biker disguise, biker hideout sniper nest (L2)
  • ICA SMG Raptor Covert, radio tower key, custom Bartoli Woodsman Hunting Rifle (on tripod)

Additionally, you can grab a combat knife off the body of a dead unknown agent in the forest (near the main road), and if you start the mission at the gas station, kill agent Price for his Hackl 9S Covert.


Feel like you could make an interesting Escalation or a Contract just using these targets.


There´s definitely potential in it, but as I don´t dabble in creating contracts, I´ll probably leave it up to the more creative members of the community :grin: (unless I experience a stroke of genius all of a sudden)

Set Price as the target, with an item you can only take from one of the agents?

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Not easy to make use of it in a contract as all of them can be put into the loadout already, except using the unsilenced DAK for Pistol Elimination. But then again one has to check if that one is not already freely available on the map.

If we could enforce the Bus start then we could start without loadout and it would be another situation. But sadly we don’t really get new contract mode features apparently. :frowning:


Sadly he doesnt spawn in, else we could force this starting point by including him as a target.

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I was just gonna check this out. Shame

If only contracts mode had more complications :wink:

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Yeah, i find i’m basically remixing old puzzles on new levels. Either that or making bug based contracts lmao

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Don’t forget some of the agents are also the only source to obtain the MK3 version of the Remote Demolition Explosive.


Interesting list. I have a couple of ideas for Berlin and this will certainly help. I was starting to develop a list, but this really helps.

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That one´s a bit of a bug I probably should´ve mentioned in the description. It only appears to lack a suppressor visually, but is otherwise named the same as the silenced version, has a silenced perk listed, and seems to indeed be silent (no “gunshot heard” info when you fire it), so it´s likely a bug/mistake in one form or another and will likely get changed/fixed.

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Say no more, fam :+1:

Platform: PC
Name: There’s Something In The Water
Contract ID: 1-29-7210948-04

Platform: PC
Name: Poisoned Image
Contract ID: 1-29-2804601-04

I believe the combat knife is there for all starting points, it definitely is for the radio tower start at least

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It’s during all starting points. All you gotta do is go the way back to the death agent to collect it.

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It is indeed, I know, just thought most people wouldn´t bother going for it unless they start at the default location :sweat_smile: But I´ll edit it accordingly for the sake of clarity.


Yeah, I’m kind of baffled that the Remote Semtex Demo Block MK III is not an unlock. Both H1 & H2 provided a remote demo block as an unlock. For players who only own H3, they’ll have to settle for the remote duck or ICA explosive. Both of which has a smaller explosive radius than the demo block.

EDIT: Added as an unlock for Featured Contracts - Track 2 in March 2021.

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