ICA Doctor Transcript & Translation

I was always curious what the French doctor in the cutscenes of Hitman: Contracts says when he comes to take care of 47. Now one of my good friends who understands French has provided me with a translation.

(The doctor enters the hotel room and checks on 47)

Balle dans les tripes.

Bullet in the gut.

(Next part is really hard to hear and make out)

Pas encore mort?

Not dead yet?

(Hoisting 47 up on the table)

Ce qu’il est lourd! Un peu trop de muscle.

How heavy he is! A little too much muscle.

Alors, laisse-moi voir un peu.

Alright, let me see a little.

(The doctor rips open 47’s dress shirt where the wound is located)

Là, c’est pas joli… À la tienne, mon vieux!

Right there, that’s not pretty… (opens whiskey flask and takes a sip) To yours, my old one!

(Basically what he’s saying is “Cheers, old man!” in a colloquial fashion where “my old one” is just a friendly/familiar way of addressing him)

(He starts pouring the whiskey onto 47’s wound)

T’en-veux un peu? T’en as sûrement plus besoin que nous… Tiens.

You want a little? Surely you need it more than we do… Here.

(The doctor refers to himself as “we” in a bit of a theatrical fashion. And “here” (“tiens”) basically means “have this/take this”)

(The next cutscene he just repeats one line from the previous before stabbing 47’s leg with a syringe and making a run for it)

À la tienne, mon vieux!

To yours, my old one! (or you could simply call it “Cheers, old man!”)


This is why I really love how they did the dialogue localization in older titles. Made things feel more genuine than having everyone know perfect American English, especially in situations where people didn’t have the obligation to speak English. Stupid English. Up stairs in room. Go, go, go! :grin: