ICA Facility Employees

I finally started playing the new Hitman Trilogy and just got done with “The Final Test”.

So what I don’t understand is whether or not the conversations of the NPCs on this mission are supposed to represent conversations of the Soviet soldiers or of ICA Employees playing the roles of the soldiers?

As this is a training facility and as the cutscenes tell, all people there are actors and there are no real danger and deaths happening on the site, they just playing some script.
But I was always interested in how they imitate death when 47 stubs them with a knife or strangles them. Seems like very real. Or I don’t understand something


I must have misssed that in the cutscenes, but that makes sense. However I refer to the dialogues. For example when the soldiers talk about Janus, is that supposed to be back in the 60s, when the original assassination took place or is it the ICA emplyees discussing it in the context of when the training is happening (1999)?


I would say they imitate the situation like it was happening some time ago.
Like the Freedom Training mission. They specifically say there in the briefing that this is the reconstruction of a mission that Soders completed in the past


If I may try my hand at answering this, I’ll stretch it a little within the context of the series lore. We know from past games that ICA didn’t have each agent carry a camera and microphone on them for every mission, or even have that handler follow along as it was happening; that’s something that went into effect after Absolution, probably to keep better watch over agents to make sure they wouldn’t go rogue or do something against contract terms. However, we know from the ICA training facility that they did at least have the technology to do that and used it during an initiate’s induction into the Agency, they just didn’t use it for field agents until later. Or, perhaps, they sometimes did have an agent carry a camera and/or wear a microphone wire while on a particular mission for the purpose of later using it for initiate trials.

As such, missions like Soders’ hit on Jasper Knight, or whoever it was that took out The Sparrow, their microphone likely picked up many conversations that the agent overheard, and combining that with debriefing their agents on what they witnessed while on the mission, the recruitment branch of ICA likely created “scripts” for their actors to go off of when performing in the simulated missions.

So what the soldiers were saying during the ICA facility missions were probably actual conversations had about what was going on during the actual missions that happened, captured on tape and supplemented with what the agent stated they overheard, and the actors are actually having the same conversations that the real soldiers had on the same day the real Jasper Knight died, etc,. That’s how I see it playing out.


The conversations for the most part are supposed to be in-character. Whether they are constructed from things actually overheard by the agents on the original missions, or simply being filled in for the sake of the recreation isn’t entirely clear (realistically probably a mix as the original operatives couldn’t have tested every possibility, and the idea of Soders having done all the mission stories just to do the ejection seat kill seems rather silly), but they are definitely intended to be in-character, accurate or at least fitting to the original mission.

However, there’s at least one exception on the Yacht that I’ve heard, where two mechanics in the garage had a discussion about the car being transported, and then at the end of it there’s a “that was him wasn’t it!?” which gets a “Sshhh!” in response, and is clearly one of the actors breaking character.