Idea: blood trails

Blood pool in Blood Money was just “oh, there’s blood”. WOW :sweat_smile: WoA is balanced and build on a specific kind of IA that allow to play the game we know. We can have some improvements, but the game doesn’t need major changes


no, they did follow the trails and could find bodies that way

briefcase or grass/crowd hiding weren’t major changes, were they?


Wow! So sophisticated! LOL it’s just a little mechanic that fits ok with the overall Blood Money gameplay. If they add this blood dynamic to WoA, well, it’s change nothing or so.

Briefcase and grass aren’t major changes, in term of game design. A major change is a change that force dev to strongly rebalance the whole game. This changes are just evolution of the same game design formula, but not what I call a major change.


If they can check containers if blood leads there, then it does. :thinking:


When does it happen that a trail is so long that it leads to a containers? Will this mechanic really change the way you play it? Basically, players can get around this risk stopping to use bloody attacks.

To making a good blood mechanic, they have to rework different dynamics and add an item to clean blood. Blood money’s blood mechanic is too primitive, it’s just a detail.

That is no option in some cases.

So the feature does not affect things enough for you, and your suggestion to fix that is the ability to make the feature affect things even less? Or do I understand you wrong?


I never felt forced to use violent methods. You can just knock out everyone. For the blood mechanic, instead, I say that they have to rework different dynamics: only if blood mechanic will be well designed, they have to add an item to clean. It’s not this case. If they add blood mechanic, there should be a reason to kill: why I have to create an issue to myself, when I can just stunn people? If KO will be timed, killing is necessary. There are different things they have to rework, to make a blood mechanic that will be not just a detail.

hm, let me think, maybe because the game is called hitman and, you know, has assassination of your targets as the main thing you do?

wait, what the hell is your point?

your initial argument was

but now you’re saying

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Contract mode can enforce killing methods. Or forbid pacifying.

Well that can be said about pretty much every obstacle in this game.
Want a Sniper to the roof? You need a briefcase to KO everyone.
Want to get to the target in your suit? You need foilage to KO everyone.

I don’t think that can be an answer to anything. I KO everyone in my Elusive Target videos. I think it is worth it for the end result, but boy it is not fun and I try to avoid that.


(I repost here my last post on the other topic)

LOL the game is called “hitman” and the game is predominantly designed around the idea of killing silently. You miss the point.

For the second period, I really don’t understand what’s your point. To make a good blood mechanic, they will change a lot of things. WoA ISN’T the place to make this major changes.

It’s not the same thing, because blood isn’t a fun possibility, sniper or saso is. Why blood (if designed in BM way) should be fun or satisfactory? Can I use blood dynamic to make funny stuff? If the answer is no, I don’t regret it (if designed in BM way, I repeat)

Blood would be an obstacle. Obstacles are not the fun thing. Getting past them is. :wink:

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Wow, a very difficult obstacle… I’m so excited

Are you able to reply with arguments instead of sarcasm?


I did it, so… yes. There was sarcasm in only two post!!! :relieved:

so? do you never hide bodies or something?

why do you think so? if you don’t find grass and briefcase major changes that required lots of adjustments then why is this supposed to be somehow harder to implement?

Because they have to add a dynamic blood system; a credible blood reaction; a specific behavior when a guard spot a blood pool; an item to clean blood; and probably other game design stuff. In term of game design, grass is just a kind of cover, and the briefcase is an item. It’s pretty easy to implement than a good blood dynamic. Obviously, I’m not referring to a blood money-like blood mechanic: I think this is just too simplistic

I think it would be cool if guards react to blood. Would make it more difficult to kill someone in SA, especially when discovering blood will lead to a failed SA.


why? that’s more than enough, imo. of course, a deeper mechanic would be appreciated but this one would work just fine.

and, once again, i just don’t get your point about not wanting major changes yet dismissing such mechanic as too simplistic to be worthy of being added. it will make gameplay a little deeper and more strategic. what’s the downside?

Simply, I don’t think it will be more strategic. When I will play to reach SA, i will simply totally avoiding violent approch: for how WoA is designed, it is pretty easy. If they add this BM-like mechanic, probably I will never notice it. I feel it just a useless feature but I’m not really against its implementation. I prefer they polish what we have yet, and think about a good blood dynamic for a hypothetical WoA 2