Ideas for featured contract themes

We had the Rubber Duck contracts, here is my suggestion for future themes:

  1. Sniper contract theme
  2. Taser contract theme
  3. Fire contract theme
  4. Accident contract theme

Please consider these for featured contract themes, thanx!

This should be in Wishliist but I no longer have the power to move it :weary:

They’ve discussed this idea before, they said they tried it at the beginning of H2 and it was a bad idea because it had for example 10 fibre wire contracts in a row and people got sick of them

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I got you homie

But yeah, it did mean there was a batch of 10 or so contracts with the same kill methods.

It might be easier to handle if there’s only 3 or 5 this time around. We did just get a Rubber Duck theme, so they’re sorta open to it (but the game itself can’t really specify Duck kills unless with tools)


We’ve had the Duck contracts but I would like to see a more generic “Animal” theme. A few options that come to mind for inspiration would be the Santa Fortuna hippo, Marrakesh moose, quite a few maps have frogs that could be used for some poison kills, Miami is literally Flamingo themed, pushing targets into rivers/ocean to “swim with the fishes”…

Another cool one especially as we are approaching the summer could be a “party” theme, there are lots of examples of parties across the trilogy that would be a good setting.


yeah I agree
featured contract themes now are facing a problem that the content often has nothing to do with the theme. they only match the theme by writing a story in the briefing…(and as a non-English native I rarely read the briefing…)