If hitman was ever Open World

This guy on YouTube played as a hired hitman in gta role play online server. I’m not for an open world hitman game but i found this video hilarious.

Reminds me a lot of freelancer too.
If you have an hour to watch, take a gander. It’s hilarious.

Best segment is when he’s hired to kill someone, but he survives and then this “dead guy” sets up the hitman to get caught but finds a way to negotiate his way out which leads to a courthouse car bombing. lol

This guy did a great job with this video.


Hail, hitman! Please kill 20 Forest Bears and bring me their claws.

Reward: 85 copper
350 XP
Supple Gloves of the Monkey

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You know, I actually would mind a Hitman map being expanded to more resemble a GTA map, with a target or targets that can move to other parts of the city in vehicles and 47 can drive a car or pilot a helicopter to follow them. Running a target over in a car can even be used as a kill method. Or, even borrowing from the comic and one of the GTA features, 47 can take a taxi and sit in the back seat, with the option to put a gun to the back of the driver’s head and force them to run over your target, then make them park somewhere, clock them in the back of the head, and exit the taxi.

Options, IOI, take notes.


I think the realism of Hitman in an open world setting would be bigger. It’s hard to describe for me but I will try :sweat_smile: for example, when there are multiple targets as in Paris, you kill Novikov, but Margolis stays in place as if nothing happened. It makes sense if we make him disappear, but not if we kill him with that huge lightning thing and everyone panics and leaves. In reality they would evacuate the place. And here it would kinda be cool if Margolis would lave the place, too, head for her house or hotel for example. Or we could kill her on her way. There would not just be more killing opportunities but also more realism.


That’s a really good idea. Another idea would be not knowing where she lives (unless Diana already did that for us lol). So we would have to do recon prior to killing Viktor just in case Dalia flees or vice versa.

Maybe we don’t really need open world but now with better consoles to support bigger maps, perhaps a bigger map could be a good option.

Not sure if bigger maps are good for the regular game but for freelancer, it would make more sense.

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Looking at the Devil’s Advocate position, consider the level of detail that is put into a normal sized map. Consider the work that goes into creating multiple routes around the maps and traversal options up and down buildings. Think about the distinct areas (think the pit area versus the Kronstadt building). Remember the tendency for bugs to crop up in walls that can be seen through, non-player characters that can be lured from clear across the map, and that sort of thing.

A truly open world map on the scale of Grand Theft Auto or even something less ambitious at half that size, and you’re looking at a game that would either take a decade or more just to design or a game that would be so full of problems that it wouldn’t be worth playing.

I don’t think this game lends itself to a truly open world experience.


I think it could be done, and really, I’m thinking only one map in the game being of that scale, the others being on more “normal” scales. You know, the standout, the “flagship” map, if you will.

Somewhat related to what you were getting to, @Mini, one of my preferred things to do with Dalia when I kill Viktor in an accident is take the Helmut Kruger meeting route (being sure to knock Helmut out with the gun pack or tranquilizer, to be less suspicious of course), and poison Dalia with the jar she gives you during the meeting, so that it seems, in-universe, that Dalia kills herself in sorrow over hearing of Viktor’s death.

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Totally agree. It’s the bespoke, intentional level design that makes Hitman maps stand out from the crowd, and without infinite, unrealistic resources (not even realistic for a company like Rockstar with more money than Croesus) you simply can’t make the kind of hand-crafted level design that a good Hitman game requires at the kind of scale that people would describe as ‘open world’.


I’d be fine with just some kind of assassination simulator in a city with randomly generated NPCs and targets. That wouldn’t really be Hitman but I’d still find that pretty fun.

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Sounds like freelancer. Just throw more suppliers and loot crates around to help with restocking gear. And suppliers become rng with gear every 30 minutes. lol

Kinda, but Freelancer has no cars (at least no cars you can drive, although they’re fine as explosives) and loot crates are not a very interesting mechanic. I’d also prefer gear to be fixed and without tiers (so no useless weapons with clearly better options available, like all those two-handed SMGs).

Yes, Obviously so just add them.

Honestly, I don’t necessarily want an open world HItman, but I kinda wish to see a larger simulation.
Open world, and we here discuss GTA-like open world, don’t really have that. They have a lot of systems, more importantly travel systems, but the simulation is more for the back drop than for interactivity.
A good GTA like open world will be able to allow multiple direction approachs, but rarely in a depth approach.

What I dream of is simple :
The fabled “one city block” immersive sim.

And i will say, Hitman WoA is one of the closest things we had recently, if tempered by the fact that we are always in the role, tempered actions, and objectives of 47.

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You beat me to it.

It shouldn’t be an open world. It should be an immersive sim.

The WOA trilogy is already part immersive sim, part point-and-click adventure game.

Make a game whose locale(s) are limited in geographical scope, but whose systems are complex and malleable and interconnected. Basically WOA, but more interactivity. With a Mankind Divided-esque hub to explore and manipulate and master.

Gimme some vents to crawl through!


personally, i find one of the most exciting aspects of hitman to be the variety of locations all around the globe. in my opinion, an open world wouldn’t really work, cause it’d have to be limited to one continent only. on the other hand, blood money was almost exclusively all U.S locations and it was pretty good, so maybe i’d be positively shocked. WOA is already a pretty perfect hitman game, although i miss the more serious tone of the previous entries


True. On the other hand, Absolution played only in the US (except the Epilog) and that one wasn’t very good.

To avoid that, something that could be done would be to maybe have two or three Overworlds like Street Fighter 6 with Metro City and Old Nayshall. (Obviously those Games couldn’t be much more different, but it serves as an example.)

The only problem if hitman was open world is that either

A. They take development from characters and other small details, making this game feel empty compared to WoA

B. The game will take a very large team of developers many years to make, and lots of money at risk.

Both of these options I don’t like, cause either the world is as wide as an ocean but as deep as a kiddie pool, or this game will be crazy expensive and be released in like 10 years, and by then the tech to do such things easier would likely have been released.

Sapienza, Santa Fortuna and Mumbai map is a mini-open world :smiley:

Hitman game is more realistic than any open world game as it retains the change in environment and npc.
Like if you kill an npc and leave it open and reach the most farthest point from it in a large map. Other NPC would still react to it, even if we save and reload a save file.
But most famous open world games resets the area at a view distance (as per my knowledge).
So if IOI plans to expand the area of map, that would be fun… or maybe a checkpoint (chain reaction) in change in the environment. Thats why if we try to kill almost all npc, the processing of the game fails and gives error. Every processor has a limit to fit in a cost effective platform (unlike super computer).
Most open world games resets that huge points of change to escape this processing limit… (as per my understanding).

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