If i own hitman 2 as well as its legacy pack do i need to purchase Hitman 2016 to experience the full story?

Basically the title. Ive heard so many conflicting things so I’m not sure if i also need to purchase the 2016 game or not.

Legacy Pack is HITMAN 2016.
The only difference that it’s not a standalone game, it works exclusively in HITMAN 2.
So to play it you have to own HITMAN 2.

There is two versions of Legacy Pack.
Legacy Pack itself and GOTY Legacy Pack.
Difference between them is that Legacy Pack only basic 6 locations when GOTY Legacy Pack is the fullest game possible which includes Patient Zero campaign among other additional goodies like bonus missions in Sapienza and Marrakesh.
You can upgrade your Legacy Pack to GOTY Legacy Pack by buying corresponding bundle