If we could get a mission like Top Tiered Games Added (Stockl are great)?

Ok. So in a game like Hitman 3, the fact many “back-room policies” are made on Lear jets (though, usually mid-flight) i propose anyone who would love to see a “Tubular Assault” Mission, even along with the train in Romaina.

Point being 1: An expansion to himan would be amazing, paid or not, and 2: setting up for Future Hitman’s (letting go of a franchise that has been in the loop so long might be a totally negative thing. I would propose the Tubular Assault and crash-land into some part of the world where a next hitman would be, can keep the details low as it would serve as extra content (polayable byus, 47) and also a teaser for a new (trilogy idk.)

Somewhere near a future POI, could be a vehicle for the dev.s to make one mission where Diana, (and maybe 47) is nearing a location, and something like ‘Sniper : Ghost Warrior’ happens. then your targets are available, with Easy difficulty giving you clue more easily, but you have to Human Shield the Targets to get info, and in these days, would look like a cinematic (gotta give propagation to the art dept. Whole game works great but visually, Yes…)