If you got to choose, what place or time would you like to live?

I had a conversation with my friend about the news of the latest Ferrari hybrid model today. The discussion then leaded to the future of us humanity running out of fuel and even having spaceships or flying vehicles to transport, which makes me glad I was born in the right age!


I like what we have today. You know, food, music, technology, the Internet, etc. The world is not perfect, though, as always. But I am just glad to live in 21st century, especially with cars! We are at the pinnacle of motor engine history, with so many great inventions and beautiful designs. :red_car:

But that’s just my opinion. What kind of world would you like to live if you could choose? Maybe you would like to live as a cowboy and duel with another in the wild west? :cowboy_hat_face: Or perhaps being on another planet as a resident and making contacts with aliens? :alien: Or becoming a knight and slaying dragons with your bright sword? :dragon:

Of course we don’t get to choose, that’s where video games come in, which could bring us some immersion, right? Let’s discuss and have your imagination gone wild! :exploding_head:


The 80s. It must have been awesome to live in a time where fashion was so uncomplicated, the music was fun, the movies were cool and you had that constant fear of an atomic war hanging above everything like the sword of Damocles. Nice!


Honestly, I don’t know. On one hand, it would be cool to visit some really ancient time periods just to see what it was really like, but on the other hand the past was the worst, what with the disease, wars, general lack of plumbing. Visiting the future would also be super neat, but I wouldn’t be able to acclimate to it because culture/language etc might be significantly different, and I’d have no knowledge of it to fall back on.

So I don’t know. I rather be able to travel around space time and dimensions safely, so I could just watch things. Like a creep.


I like right now. Born early enough to know life before mass digitalization and social media, born late enough to receive (mostly) pain-free dental care.

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The Nineties, for sure.

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I would like to live in Orlando and have my house be 15 minutes away from Disney World so I can go there every day after work.

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Are we going to this time period and straying there? If so I’lo be with @Mini in the 80s. the music being the main reason. I’d love to go party at limelight and studio 54.

If I’d have to age out of the period though then I’ll just stay where I am. No need to relive the 90s till now when I can experience more generations forward by staying here now.

If I could just go visit for a week I’d try a few different ones. Why not? I’d love to meet Doc Holiday.