Illegal Asado torch

So I was playing that Mendoza contract where the targets were all 6 heralds so I cleaned up the whole basement from guards, camera etc, took me half hour to clean the whole place and around in order to trigger the meeting, so I was still SA in mercenary clothes, I lit the Asado fire with the torch to trigger Yates and the meeting but I didn’t know what to do with the torch once used and didn’t want to attract attention dropping it so I threw it in the fire and everybody freaked out and I started being shot at…

Can anyone relate or am I missing something?


There are a few items in Hitman that you are allowed to hold in certain disguises but dropping them or even sometimes just placing them down counts as a suspicious action (like bombs, tasers, etc.). One of those items is the Asado torch.


I’m not sure this is accurate? I dont think there’s any items allowed for a disguise that are suspicious when placing down (instead of dropping)

Yeah, got the same bug/thing. Spent 10 mins on a contract, dropped the torch and bam - everybody is angry

I guess I’ll report a series of bugs to IOI - there is also Black Almong dagger not playing the sound on kill

Probably cus your not in the asado Chef disguise.

the asado torch being illegal to put down kind of makes sense. there’s several tall flowers and dry grass is everywhere which can all easily ignite. it would catch my attention to see some guy put a flaming torch down and possibly start a brush fire.

while this aspect of gameplay is mildly annoying, i simply avoid it by crouching in the lilacs and dropping it there.


Or do the more rational thing and Chuck it at that one NPC you just have a natural random dislike towards.

I’m looking at you shower guy in Hokkaido. You’re lucky you are exclusive to that map


Reported the Asado Torch and the Dagger bug

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