Importing Access Pass - Steam to Steam

I purchased the Steam version of Hitman 3, standard edition today. I already own Hitman 1 and 2, also on Steam, and I think all the content for each. My progress seems to have imported forward just fine, but my location access is not working. When I go to IOI’s guide, it refers me to a link “click here to login and begin the process” - When I log in however, it just takes me to a page showing me my linked accounts, and no import occurs.

Because this is likely relevant - I tried to play a month or so ago when the game appeared on Gamepass, but it seems that this was treated as an XboX console platform rather than PC.

If you want to import locations from HITMAN 2 on Steam to HITMAN 3 on Steam , you do not need to use this process. Instead, locations will be carried over ‘automatically’ based on your Steam entitlements.

If you can’t receive the access passes even after launching HITMAN 3(you may need to restart the game or Steam a few times), I suggest contacting IOI through their support hub.

And yes, HITMAN 3 from Microsoft Store is treated like the Xbox version. It also shares the progress, leaderboards, and contracts with Xbox. (I believe it even has The Green Streak suit)


Logging out of Steam and logging back in seems to have done the trick, as I can now access all destinations that I have checked so far


I have question for those who had everything unlocked 100% within Hitman 2 (+Legacy DLC from H1) and decided to buy a Hitman 3 on steam. How much of progress is imported? I mean:

  • Mission mastery from H1/H2
  • Featured Contracts progress
  • Escalation progress
  • Sniper Assassin mode

etc. Is there anything that what you already unlocked in H1/H2 you need to re-do it in H3?

I’m asking because importing H1/H2 progres to Epic store isn’t 100% synchronized. For example all Escalations need to be done from scratch also most of Mission stories and some of other challenges also are non completed. Of course you have all items, suits and starting spots unlocked - but not everything is imported.

How that looks on H1/H2 → H3 Steam version?