Impossible to change language for Hitman 2

Hello guys,

I have purchased HITMAN 3 first from Epic Games Store and then purchased HITMAN 2 within HITMAN 3 store also through Epic Games. I know that HITMAN 2 has possibility to play in Polish, however I have no idea how to run HITMAN 2 with Polish language. I can only access HITMAN 2 maps from HITMAN 3 game and HITMAN 3 language options are not showing Polish. Is there a possibility to access HITMAN 2 specific language options and play those maps in Polish? HITMAN 3 does not have polish language, however HITMAN 2 does have this option. Maybe someone has also stumbled upon that issue. I have acccess to HITMAN 2 maps, but cannot seem to find HITMAN 2 language options.
I will aprreciate any help or assistance

Thing is HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 3, alongside with HITMAN 2016 are three separate and standalone games.

You can merge up HITMAN 2 with HITMAN 2016, and HITMAN 3 with HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 2016, but base game for both situations are HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 3 respectively. That means if you merged HITMAN 2016 with HITMAN 2 in HITMAN 2, it works like HITMAN 2. Same if you merged HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 in HITMAN 3.
That means if HITMAN 3 does not have some option, you couldn’t use it within the whole game.
Bit complicated, but I wanted to picture the whole mechanics how it works.
If you wish, H2016 and H2 are just simple DLCs for HITMAN 3.

As far as HITMAN 3 doesn’t have Polish in its options, you can’t translate the game into Polish.
Maybe at some point in the future this option will appear, but anyone can’t give any guarantees about that


Sad to hear that, was expecting that answer tho… Thank you