In the classic Hitmen, is it possible to collect all weapons in a single move-through?

This is something I wonder indeed.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, Hitman: Blood Money.

What I wonder is whether it’s under the spectrum of what really’s possible.

Can a man or a woman who plays through these games, collect all of the weapons without every saying “it looks just like I’ll have to replay that MAP, or order for that weapon to be mine”?


I know it’s not possible in Contracts, at the very least least. You can’t get the minigun and the dual Golden Eagles from the Asylum level on your first playthrough, first you need to get Lee Hong’s keycard and then replay the Asylum to unlock them.

As for Blood Money, that game has the ICA stash points so things get a lot easier, you can just holster any small gun you find on 47s person and stash the big ones on the pickup points.

Not sure about H2:SA though.


And of course, Blood Money has the detonator glitch which allows you to hold any big weapon in your left hand as long as you hold the detonator in the other :crazy_face:

This basically allows you to conceal big guns as if they were handguns.


Oh really? I never knew that lmao

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but in the hitman 2 speedrun hes replaying the anathema level

afaik its not possible in h2sa. e.g. anathema has has 2 exclusive “big” weapons: golf club and shotgun. wouldnt know where else you could get these weapons.

It’s impossible in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin because you can’t get the rosary beads. That open slot still haunts my nightmares.


for the mini-gun, didn’t you have to go back to the lab with the keycard from a later level in contracts…? am i misremembering?

Well yeah but then also there is another, different dilemma present with the infamous issue of the shotgun and golf club inside of Anathema hey.

Then at the same effin time we are faced with the rifle that lays up against the wall placed by the car we escape in the target’s small place called garage

you can get r39 sniper in temple city ambush

But also the SP12. Getting it from Sergei doesn’t get it in your shed, so I think Temple City is the only place to get it. In that case I prefer getting the R39 from a replay of Anathema where it’s easier to get, rather than a replay of TSA. Getting baseball cap guy Silent Assassin style, I think I’ve managed it twice.

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yeah when replaying missions then for sure. but even if not you can get SP12 in st petersburg revisited (bodyguards) and w2000 is avaible in invitation to a party.

i think i might try out getting as much weapons in h2sa as possible without replaying missions. i think you can get everything except the golf club or shotgun if planned out right

(pistols and reward weapons left out because you can get them all the time)
Anathema: Shotgun or Golf Club
St. Petersburg: Dragunov
Kirov Park Metting: AK47
Tubeway Torpedo: Combat Knife
Invitation to a Party: W2000 + MP5
Hidden Valley: Crossbow
At the Gates: MP5-SD
Shogun Showdown: Katana + .22
Basement Killing: Fire axe
Motorcade Interception: Barett M95
Tunnel Rat: M60
Temple City Ambush: R93
Terminal Hospitality: UZI + Scalpel
St. Peterburg Revisited: SP12
Redemption at Gontrano: Custom Rifle