Incomplete progress carry over Steam -> Epic

I’ve been holding out on buying this game on Steam because I wanted to have the complete collection on one platform, but I thought - why not try out the old levels with the improved engine and mechanics of Hitman 3 since they offer the starting pack thing? I followed the process as detailed on IOI’s website and it did carry over all the levels I have from Hitman 1 and 2, however none of my actual progress in those levels has been carried over. So, all the levels are at mastery 0 and I have zero of the unlocks (items, starting locations) and challenges completed.

Now this whole carryover thing is a clusterfuck so I’m not even 100% on how it’s supposed to work but from what I gather I’m supposed to preserve all the progress and not just unlock the maps for me in Hitman 3. Maybe the fact that I don’t actually technically own Hitman 3 is the issue here but I have no idea. It’s letting me progress through the levels as if it’s my first time going though them, IOI’s site says my account linking is done, and I’ve given it a couple of hours hoping it would sync eventually. When I boot up Hitman 2 from Steam all my progress is there, so at least it didn’t fuck up my progress there I guess.

I’ve seen people having issues with the importing process but not this specific issue, in fact I’ve read that there was a visual bug showing mastery 0 on old levels, but what I have here definitely isn’t purely visual.

On the plus side the game runs great, some spots in the older levels that used to give me frame drops run much smoother now and the game even looks better, so props for that at least. Can’t wait to go through a similar pain in January when the game is hopefully finally on Steam.

It seems like you’ve only done the process of importing locations from Steam to Epic, and not the process of carrying over your HITMAN 2 progress to HITMAN 3.
The two are done seperately.

This will take you to do the Progression Carryover process
Here’s the Progressiom Carryover guide with important info

Nope, you’re good to go with the Progression Carryover process even if you only have the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack.


Ah, actually good to hear it’s me who’s at fault here. I’ll give it a shot later and hopefully it all goes smoothly. Hopefully I can repeat a similar process when the game is out on Steam as well, and I say that knowing that there hasn’t been an official announcement of a Steam version as of yet. Thank you for clarifying.

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