Inconsistency in Pistol shooting animation

Everyone who’s played Hitman 3 has already noticed that Agent 47 has a different shooting animation this time around when shooting his pistols. He basically has a stiff arm and I personally think it looks clunky, unnatural, and leaves less of an “impact” when getting a kill off.

However, I found the animation differs across maps.

For example, in Hawkes Bay, when shooting your ICA19, the gun will recoil back just like how it was in the first two games, which I preferred.

In the next map of Miami, when shooting the same gun, it’ll be the stiff arm animation this time around.

I kid you not, I thought I was just seeing things when I noticed this, but after testing my theory out, it just leaves a weird feeling in my stomach knowing that this particular animation is not consistent across the board.

So end of note, if anyone from IOI notices this, can we have the old shooting animation back lol? I highly dislike 47’s new stiff arm when shooting. :cold_face:

I also invite anyone else to try this and see it for themselves. Go to Hawkes Bay and shoot with the ICA19, then go to Miami next with the same gun and notice the difference. This affects all silenced pistols.

Edit: some visual proof of what I’m talking about with and without a briefcase


did you happen to be holding a briefcase in either map?

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So after you mentioned this, I went ahead and tested it again with a briefcase as well as holstering and un-holstering the pistol. It seems to change depending on if you’re holding a briefcase and dropping it or not and/or holstering after doing so.

In the previous games, the default animation was always the flicker back.

I recorded a short video showcasing my example as well (edited into my 1st post)

I noticed this too with the briefcase but i prefer the new, stiffer animation actually.

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That’s fine. The reason why I made this thread is simply because the old animation is still partly there and that I wished for it to remain the same for the sake of consistency across all 3 titles. But I do know that it’s something that’s unlikely to change anyway.

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I have tested it, too and I’m pretty sure that the animation changes depending on how much you have already used the pistol. At first it’s the stiff animation but then it changes back to the old animation! :thinking:

I prefer the stiff arm animation, it looks more professional. Especially with follow up shots, it’s bad if 47 loses sight with every shot due to not managing recoil. What is it, a subsonic 9 mm, shot wirh a suppressor? There isn’t any recoil that flings your arm around like that anyways :+1: