Inconvenient prompt locations

I’m sure everyone has at one point taken cover when trying to climb down a drain pipe. Have you tried to pick something up at your feet that you aren’t facing? Can’t do it. But when trying to hide a body in a container, near a door six feet away that you aren’t facing well there goes silent assassin. In absolution there was an option to change prompts. I wish they would add this and expand upon it. If possible in a future patch.

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these things are fixed in H3, so ive never really run into those problems these days

Actually I paused the game to start this thread and know for certain that the drain pipe/cover thing and item pickups still happen. I did try the body hiding/door opening thing and that could have been fixed, but time will tell. I can’t remember what locations the body hiding door crap happened most. Hopefully that’s been fixed considering it’s the worst of these complaints.

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I wish full disable all HUD and prompts -but it impossible(
because zoomers be angry

too many times I’ve snapped a neck while trying to open a briefcase :pensive::pensive:

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The drag body prompt in Dartmoor for the “Junior” Lawyer/accountant (in the “secret” office) is impossible to find sometimes. This could be an XBox bug though and not PS4/5 or PC bug.

hmm it might be because he’s in that chair. i havent really knocked him out that many times though

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I’ve ran into a few while playing in Legacy Levels, but none in HITMAN 3 to my knowledge. ICA Safehouse item store location in Sapienza is a little finicky.

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Picking up those scissors in your Hokkaido suite without turning on the faucet should be a categorised as a master challenge.


Whoever put the climb up and down prompts here together is a troll. WoA is riddled with examples like this.

Ask any player that moves at a reasonable pace for an example lmao

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I literally laughed out loud because it’s so true.

I think something similar was happening in H2 in the Paris level in Dalia’s bathroom.

I was wrong it appears they have modified at least one container in Mumbai. I tried to include some comparison images but onedrive sucks. The glass bathroom where rangan overlooks the lower level has a container twice as thick as it was in hitman 2. It looks pretty silly but hey its better than before.

Dude, lol! Same! :grin: :laughing:

One example of something fixed from h2 to h3.

Looks funny but is much appreciated.


Lol. That’s pretty weird. Never noticed that. They could’ve placed it horizontally or something.

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That’s such a lazy fix. Looks ugly as all hell…