Interactive Armory

Now that the WOA trilogy is complete and the weapon selection near final - would it be a good idea to add a mini-level safe house/armory location to H3 as with the earlier games, where you could view your rows of guns and equipment in racks, see gaps where you still need to earn items and a shooting range where you can try out the explosive/loud weapons you might otherwise never play with? I have to say I don’t use more than half my guns/distractions/explosives and scrolling through menus inspecting your equipment is not as cool as being able to run round and handle it/try it out on dummies/firing ranges like the good old days. This would especially be fun in VR.


I think it would be a fun idea but I wouldn’t want the money system to come back so that you can purchase guns for obscure amount of money

Santa, this is what I want for Christmas!

Agreed, I don’t try out most weapons as having to load a level each time just to test is tedious. Hawke’s Bay is the closest use case where you can just boot up a level, and start firing to see what they’re like with no consequences, but as you can’t bring a bulk of guns along, I’d rather a SA/Contracts/BM style wall of guns to pick them up, fire it off, and repeat.

In fact, Gontranno Sanctuary was one of my favourite areas purely for the consequence-free screwing around with weapons

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