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Hey people,

I had such a topic on old HMF, and while it was never very active, I think this topic is underrated and important. So here we go.

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I begin with something… old:

But it is not old! It is kinda like a fiction plot, where the protagonist does something in the beginning of the movie that has a big effect on the end. Same applies here.

While it is questionable if this caused social media to delete Trump (they certainly did so before on other users) it possibly became something more legally forced since then as platform owners are more accountable for what the users do on their platforms.

And whatever your position about these specific moderation is, I want to point out that the “provider privilege” is actually something very important. In my opinion it deserves to not be watered down.


The band which did this…

…became victim of this…

In the words of the drummer

‘Well, they fucked with us, we’ll fuck with them.’

I know there is no causality, but since we are about to enter the age of content filters and evasion is hardly possible, all I am left with is scorn. :pensive:


If you have given Facebook your phone number (and often all other basic profile information), it is apparently public now.

It is expected that FB soon contacts everyone who is affected.


Update, Facebook does not care about it and decided not to tell users who are affected. Because users can’t change anything about it anyway. And on top of it: (sorry for vice)

Also, Facebook says they are unable to to determine who is affected even if they tried.
Luckily, third party websites seem to can do what FB can’t: Use Ctrl+F on the data. :smirk:

Enter your phone here and see if it is part of the leak: (or previous leaks)


Ain’t so honest of them…

I’m luckily in the other group of ~1.5 billion.