Introducing Medals for HITMAN 4

If anyone has a feeling of déjà vu, then don’t worry, you’re not crazy. I’ve made this thread before, but it’s hidden somewhere in the old forum archive, so I figure this is a good time to create a new thread covering the same subject.

So what am I talking about? Well, say you’re playing H3. It’s one of the first times you’re playing it, and you kill Alexa Carlisle using the fiber wire for the first time. A Challenge “pops”.

This is, at least for me, kind of an exciting experience. I’ve done something cool, and the game acknowledges that I have.

Next time you kill Alexa Carlisle with the fiber wire… … NOTHING. Why not another “pop”?
This is essentially what medals would be. Challenges that “pop” every time, not just the first time. (for those who’d get annoyed by it, it would obviously be possible to turn off)

Cheap mockup of the experience of getting the Medal “pop” while fiber wiring a target. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel the challenge “pop” is quite satisfying.

At the end of a mission you’d get a summary of all Medals you’ve gotten on that playthrough in your score card.

Boring looking mockup of what your score card would do with Medals. Obviously make this look more exciting/colorful, but you get the idea. I imagine being able to scroll through the awarded Medals to get a larger picture and the “name” of the Medal.

To me, this would be a small thing that would add a lot. It’s the difference between getting your playthrough calculated and getting your playthrough recognized.

With this system I would introduce a bunch of medals that gives recognition for “fun”/“cool” playthrough styles that don’t give you more points, for instance “No Knockouts” and “Suit Retrieval”.
Optional objectives would also have associated Medals.

Medals could also be used for contracts. Basically you could set the Medals you got as requirements for your contract.

Obviously this would introduce some problems that need solving. What happens to “Challenges” if “Medals” are introduced? Should there not be any Medals related to things that are either super unlikely or impossible to pull in a single playthrough (for example “Chameleon”, or “Versatile Assassin”)?
How do you make space for all of this shit in the score card? Obviously if you just do a few there’s no issue, but you can do like a lot of Challenges in one sitting, so you would be able to do the same for Medals.

Either way, this is something I’d loooove to see for the next Hitman -game. I hope I live to see the day. :slight_smile:


I would like if they patched it in, or even just gave us an option to reset mastery and challenges in the game like as a prestige system. The problem with the trilogy is its cumbersome to start a new save without interfering with your old one or jumping thru hoops

I love this idea, it’d allow a more dynamic repeatable way to earn XP (obviously nowhere near as much as doing challenges for the first time, 100x less should be fair) and it’d provide a neat challenge to try and get as many Medals as possible in a single run.

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some challenges would be very difficult to trigger a second time…like discover or chameleon since they span over multiple plays… maybe if you accomplished the entire feat in one play through…

But I definitely like the idea of getting more rewards for challenges

So, I’ve mulled this over, and my solution is that we don’t introduce Medals separate from Challenges. Instead we:

  1. Make Challenges re-set after they pop, so that they can pop again. You can still see that you’ve finished the challenge somewhere, preferably with a counter showing how many times you’ve done it. (You only get the big XP-reward the first time, subsequent pops give smaller XP-rewards)

  2. Separate “completed in one run” and “completed in repeated runs” challenges, maybe with some kind of color coding. The former ones could be used as contract requirements.