Introducing… Where’s Baldo?

Hi folks! I hope there is no issues with putting this here, but I thought some of the users in this forum might be interested in joining us regulars in a game of “Where’s Wally Waldo Baldo?” that is taking place over on Reddit.

The idea is to find Agent 47 (and 46 other things) hidden within a massive high-res aerial capture of Paris.

Hope to see some new faces taking part :slightly_smiling_face:


Yaay please do more!!!

Can you post the picture(s) here? I can’t visit reddit so unfortunately I can’t see them.

I’m not the original poster on Reddit (they aren’t on HMF), but there has been one a month for the past 4 months (Sapienza, Miami & Marrakesh) so there should be more to come. I believe the idea is to do one for every main mission level in the WOA series.

Sure thing.

This is the link to the Gigapan image, which is the full-resolution image. I’ve also listed the “targets” below but some of them are a bit cryptic. On the post itself there is only 6 targets that haven’t been found, as well as Agent 47 who is still MIA. You’d have to actually post a target on Reddit to take part in the competition (and get the current answers), but it’s still a fun little thing to do.

The Targets
  1. Head of Sanguine, and ringleader of IAGO
  2. Supermodel turned spymaster
  3. An outstanding performance coin
  4. Sebastian Sato
  5. The douchiest parker
  6. That’s not a keg!
  7. Napoleon Blownaparte
  8. A member of Crystal Dawn
  9. This will help the champagne pop
  10. Sir Humphrey Titus Rutherford
  11. This royal’s looking a little flush
  12. Frogs!
  13. Subject 13
  14. The shisha café
  15. Sophus Fatale
  16. Manual
  17. Code 17
  18. Is she really a secretary?
  19. Boobs
  20. Kim Jong Un
  21. En garde!
  22. Screw these peppers
  23. A good place to snipe a sniper
  24. Max Decker
  25. Ruins the food
  26. Going once, going twice
  27. A trap toolkit
  28. Nelle Brent
  29. A smart precaution
  30. Poop
  31. Maybe a shaman killed her
  32. (Mother and boy)
  33. He’ll never make it to Miami
  34. A vehicle to promote to another IO game
  35. She found it!
  36. Congressman Walsh
  37. Her invite took her far
  38. Lisa Loeb
  39. This party’s about to blow up
  40. Lions!
  41. A French stick
  42. In this country, one of these could cause pregnancy
  43. Silo
  44. Pierrot’s weapon of choice
  45. Haven’t entered here since 2016
  46. Hope he found someone nice
  47. Baldo

Quite fun, I found 7 dead people- are those the targets?
And I can’t find Baldo anywhere!

Hey everyone. We have a new puzzle up, with a new 10-gigapixel aerial photo of Santa Fortuna and new targets to find:


New puzzle up today. This one in Hokkaido, in honor of the Olympics.


New round starts today! 47 has traveled to the very dense Mumbai level.