Inventory items

Can someone please advise why items in my career inventory list are not accessible in the game or for contracts?

Why you think they are not accessible?

My career inventory shows I have ‘Jarl’s Pirate Sabre’, but when I tried to carry-out a featured contract that required the sabre it wasn’t shown.

Some items you need to stash in a pickup spot.
This particular weapon you can stash in a briefcase and bring directly with you while starting in your suit, or hide it in a pickup spot on a location

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Tried to select in a briefcase but it doesn’t appear in the melee weapons list where it should be.

You sure you looked carefully?
The list of items is quite big and one can easilly misslook some item among them

Tried both methods but it doesn’t show in my lists. Also happens with Sieger 300 Ghost as well.

That is very weird.
I don’t even have a clue why’s that so.
I can only recommend to verify game files, maybe it will do the trick

I’ll try compiling a list for IO to verify. Tried going through Haven Island challenges again but made no difference.

It sounds like the inventory bug that has been reported by numerous people (including myself), where an item can’t be smuggled in with a briefcase or to an Agency Pickup. And with large items that can’t be smuggled into Hidden Stashes, it effectively means they aren’t available to use at all. (Which items you can’t smuggle seems to vary greatly from person to person.)

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it except report it to the bug thread or open a ticket with IO support, but I still can’t smuggle in a handful of items.


Already contacted IO account and got a ticket No. Thankyou.

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Damn, it’s a big one…
Sorry to hear even somebody has this

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Not having seen many reports of this bug I can’t tell if it might be a commonality, but for me the bug affects mostly items from the Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh Masteries.

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For me, there are a ton of items that I can’t bring in via a briefcase or large Agency Pickup. These include items available by default (coin, fiber wire, ICA19), any bonus items you get from the Requiem Pack or Hitman 2 Gold’s packs, and items unlocked via Mastery on Dubai. The smaller items are accessible if I bring them in my starting loadout or use a Hidden Stash, but the larger items are totally impossible to bring (not that I’d ever really want to use the Ornate Scimitar or Druzhina 34 DTI, but it is a bug nonetheless).

Thankyou all for your thoughts, it may differ between platforms, hopefully IO has something in process.