IO-Interactive 24th Anniversary 🎉

I don’t know if making this topic will be pointless, or if it will pan out.

All this over an image posted by IOI.

Was someone in the graphic or marketing department bored? Or will it… (I dunno) be used in the game? There is supposed to be a large update coming in early October.

What that update will include? I certainly don’t know. I do know that we’re still waiting on the ‘Freelancer’ game mode. Is such talk delving into ‘Leaks’?

I guess we can discuss what this (probably innocuous) image is all about here.

Also, to any mods, if you feel that the other posts in the ‘Freelancer’ topic would be better suited here - then please split or merge the posts to this topic.



… or they are making a “24”-game as well.



Was just thinking of making that joke :laughing:

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Clearly they’re introducing a new playable character next update. Agent 24.


I doubt there’ll be much relating to Hitman because of this event. Seems pretty average for an anniversary, compared to the “cooler” 25th. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it’ll be focused on internally, probably to tie into their IOI Week in October. An internal celebration of the company, where they collaborate on fun projects, try new things, and serves as a large team-building event.

I suggest you read up on last years’. It sounds really playful and fun for a company event.

Other than that it’s probably business as usual for Hitman, other than spooky content for October.
But who knows what that update is for. Maybe I’m wrong.

Though we did have the 20th anniversary of Hitman, 2 years ago, and that mostly played into more Hitman 3 marketing and themed merch drops. :man_shrugging:


IOI week already happened. It was two weeks ago, first full week of september. I’m certain that we will have some write up later. Just leave some time for it to be made.
I hope it was fun.

By the way, and since we are talking IOI : they are still releasing videos about and from the devs on the IO Interactive youtube channel.


Oops :astonished:

Well that’s cool and I can’t wait for the write-up

Now I have even less of an idea if this 24th anniversary has any more or less significance for the future…

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Honestly, I think it was just a social media post, accompanied with a link to the ioi career we are recruiting page. Nothing more.
Like a year ago, there was a post about mini ninja 12 years anniversary.

From the way some topics are going, I think we are just going a bit restless from the lack of communication. (even if we had a full map less than two month ago)


“You know what’s even funnier cooler than 24?!”



That was an ordeal to do the strikethrough… I only hope it was worth it and someone gets the SpongeBob reference…