IO Interactive opens a studio in Brighton

Announcing IOI Brighton

IO Interactive announces the opening of a new studio in Brighton, UK.”

IO Interactive, the independent video game developer and publisher best known for the Hitman and Freedom Fighters franchises, announces today the opening of a new studio in Brighton, United Kingdom.

The core team at IOI Brighton is already in place and located in the heart of Brighton on the beautiful south coast of England. IOI’s development philosophy of working on any project from any studio means that we’re now bringing development of Project 007, the first James Bond origin story, to the UK.

Our passionate teams across all IOI studios in Copenhagen, Malmö, Barcelona and Istanbul are unleashing their creativity into the iconic James Bond universe and we look forward to continuing to craft this ambitious and exciting game together with the new team at IOI Brighton.

Together, all five IOI studios make significant contributions to the ambitious development and publishing efforts on all games currently in active development: Project 007, Project Fantasy and HITMAN.

IOI Brighton is located in the centre of one of the UK’s cultural and artistic hubs. Known for its beautiful beach and iconic pier, Brighton also pairs great food and shopping with incredible night-life and architecture, making it a stand-out choice for relocation within the UK.

“We are extremely proud and excited to open our next studio in Brighton, where we see enormous potential to expand our incredible team and attract the very best talent from the exciting UK development scene. We’re eager to expand our operations to new shores and believe that IOI Brighton is an extremely appealing destination for developers of all crafts.”, said Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive.

We’re excited to share more details (and share some photos!) about our new studio in the coming time, when we’ll also begin to have more job positions on our career website

Visit our Brighton studio page


Their studios are starting to outnumber their games.


That’ll hopefully be a temporary reality.


Lol, the Ubi syndrome.


It’s getting bigger and bigger i see!
Brighton is a good choice imo, wishing the best to the studio :+1:

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No, that’s where they have more games than they have ideas.

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5 studios now woooow

Also I think this is the first bit of new details on the 007 project being a “James Bond origin story”


What in the Sam Hill is going on with the multicoloured mouse trails that I’m getting browsing the IOI site? Have they opened some kind of cursed portal back to 2003?


No, that’s been communicated since about the time it was announced. That IOI’s game would not adhere to any particular story from the movies or novels and instead be their version of where the Bond we know came from and achieved his 00 status (presumably learning what kind of guns and martinis he likes and how to bang women along the way).

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I know it’s not the subject of the topic, but I so hope that the bond game will be a spiritual successor of Alpha Protocol.

(come on IOI, Hitman is all restrained into individual levels, go crazy on the consequences and choices)

As for the new studio, I will let Microsoft do the talking here :


Repeated pattern of overextending company size then downsizing

Microsoft throwing some shade there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Considering it’s Microsoft, they can stuff it.


tbh that was my reaction the news about Brighton too. Without knowing what is going on behind closed doors, they seem to be getting stupidly big real fast.


Maybe it’s leftover Pride effects? Eh let it stay

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