IO let me pitch you a 007 suit DLC

Too celebrate the announcement (or release of Project 007) release a dlc suit pack, you can even give it to people who own both games.

Goldfinger - Grey three piece (open jacket)
OHMSS - Scottish national dress (ask Big Mooney what his tartan is)
Octopussy - White ivory tux, open jacket. (add a blackwaist coat ffor the Indiana jones points)
The Living Daylights - Navy three piece (open jacket)
Goldeneye - Open black tux with waist coat
Casino Royle - Grey open suit with waistcoat and blue shirt and tie
Quantum of Solace - Open black suit with open white shirt
Skyfall - Blue tux with black lapels


Well they missed the boat on that one… Game was announced over two and a half years ago.


a girl can dream of getting stuff early. :stuck_out_tongue: