Ioi account issues

First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong section, not entirely sure where to put it.

So in preparation for Hitman 3, I decided to make sure my account is all setup to forward my progress, I checked and found out I have no account already made, figured it might be the Steam login system instead, tried that but when I actually log in, It just sends me to this white page with nothing displayed on it, as if it’s completely broken. I then make a new account through my actual email address but there appears to be no way of linking accounts through your profile page.

When I boot up Hitman 2 and check the ‘Account’ page I see I am already linked(through steam probably) but there appears to be no way of unlinking an account so I can perhaps link to my new one.

Anyone have any ideas of what to do here? :thinking:

As it stands to this very second, IOI Account has absolutely nothing to do with your game or progress or something referring to the game.
IOI Account works just like a newsletter subscription hub now.

But it said it will be modified and might have some relation to your game or progress.

And I just logged to my IOI Account and saw some changes, but everything still there, all my info and linked games are there.
But I didn’t notice any “progress” info and the Delete Account button still there, so I presume it still has nothing to do with the game. Maybe all those functions become visible slightly before or after HITMAN 3 release. But now there are no drastical changes there.

Now you have to obtain the password to log in to your existing account if you haven’t delete it and still have access to the email that account have been created with.
Just request a password reminder and check your mailbox, the letter with a link should wait for you.
You click on that link and set a new password for your account. That’s it, you’re done and can log in to your existing IOI Account.

If something doesn’t work properly, I suggest to clean up your browser’s cache or simply switch the browser. Should work

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Do you know what to do if we can’t get the email for account recovery ? I’v tried 3 times since Friday and I do not receive it. I emailed IO on Friday and hope they answer me next week but the automatic reply I got said to go to Hitman forum for technical assistance.

IOI Account is promised to be live shortly before the game release.
I can’t say something more, but maybe they just preparing it to go live and for now probably it might work unproperly.
By going it live I mean they applied a changes to it so it can handle the progression transfer

I recovered my account because I forgot the password a few days ago. I had no issues. Did you check spam folders?

Let’s hope they answer or see this post, then ! I wish to transfer my progress asap as I want to play the whole trilogy in a row.

Yes, it is not in my spam folder neither.

Just a note: progress transfer is a one-time function

Hi guys, thanks for the replies, my issue that I originally had a week ago seems to be resolved, when I attempted sign in with my Steam ID to, it correctly loaded the next page and displays that I own Hitman 2016, and H2+sniper assassin.

Shame about all the kafuffle with all the progress transfer stuff but still excited to play on Wednesday!

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Yeah, I lost my password as well and no way to reset it as no recovery email is ever sent despite multiple attempts.

I am still connected on PS4 and was able to carry over all my H1&2 progress alright, but am unable to access the digital book and soundtrack.

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