IOI account not associated with email

In game (Online) i can see that my email is linked to IOI account but when i want to do the Carry Over and fill in my email (which is recognized as well in Hitman 2 (digital and online) as in Hitman 3 (physical disk and online) So how come I get no IOI account linked to this email, User not found with email
My email is showing in the game !
Please advise
15 days and still no answer or update or fix ! Whaooh such great service

Only thing I can advise you is to create IOI Account with that email address

Sign in with Steam first (if you are on PC).
Start the progression carryover process.
Then they’ll ask you to sign out.
Sign in with Epic then (with the same email address).
Continue the progression carryover with the two accounts linked.

Hey there , Yes I did create a new ioi account with the same email address but when i do the carryover it shows me that there is no game linked to it , so there is nothing i can carry over I tried to link my account with my psn account but I used the wrong account and now it wont let me unlink that psn account
Cuz if i can link it to the proper ps account there lays the H2 files
Also how do I unlink old ps account? i tired deleting saved files, cache etc… but everytime he shows me the link with old wrong ps account Thanks for any help

The game is installed on PS5 , i tried to link with steam But steam seems is not allowing to link with ps account Thanks for the help anyway
Desperate want to carryover my 498 level over to H3

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Progression can only be carried over from within the same platform. There are only three options:
HITMAN 2 (PlayStation) → HITMAN 3 (PlayStation)
HITMAN 2 (Xbox) → HITMAN 3 (Xbox)
HITMAN 2 (PC/Steam) → HITMAN 3 (PC/Epic)

Yes, I’m sorry. That’s form the blog post of IOI.

Thanks for the reply, yes i know both games H2 and H3 are on PS5 and both have same ioi account but once i want to use for carryover that email is not recognized (I did make a new ioi account with that email), now i like to unlink my playstation with that ioi account and link with the other playstation account but it does not let me Any suggestion Thanks

So I’ve posted this before and tried several avenues including contacting ioi. My ioi account is linked to an old email I no longer have access to and believe me I tried. Several times. And know where on their website nor during gameplay does it give me the option to unlink or switch to another email. So I tried contacting ioi and never received a response. I want to carry over my progress to my ps5 version but can’t. What do I do?

Well to my surprise 2 weeks ago I manage to link my PSN account with IOI account and the transfer worked Previously I could not as I had linked with an old psn account and not allowed to switch But through an update I imagine it allowed me to link IOI account with my lastest PSN account So all transfer worked fine Yep it took 3 months waiting but now its fixed So try to link IOI account to your latest PSN account on which hitman is played with Hope it works

I think I tried that already but I can’t remember. I’ll give it a shot though. The problem is that when I access my ioi account via my phone my account says it’s not linked to anything. When I access my account info it shows it being linked to my old email. And it doesn’t give me the option to switch add or delete anything. The only other thing I can think to do is delete both if possible and just start fresh. I’d lose all my progression but whatever I can get it back. I enjoy playing the Hitman trilogy to much :laughing:. What is frustrating though is having to go the roundabout way to try and solve a problem when I should just be able to contact the source to fix it. Thanks

So real quick I meant to say when I access my ioi info while playing Hitman via the menu it show it’s linked to my old email. Sorry

I imagine i had the same issue like you but when i tried in December i connected my old psn account which had no history with Hitman, unfortunately in game i could not delete or switch the psn account and on the computer I could link the new psn with hitman history but could not use as I was playing on PS so just recently 2 weeks ago (I did delete in december my old psn account) i had to wait for 3 months to be allowed in game on PS to put the proper ps account and yes it worked Hope you can link your account to to the desired account with hitman history Good luck PS i did not play anything on H3 till my old hitman history wastransferred