IOI Account Overview cant update help

When I go on the website IOI and check my account overview Hitman 1 doesnt show up, I think thats the reason why someetime when I use stuff (like suits or items) from Hitman 1 or 2 in hitman 3 I cant do a quick reload du to loading failure cause they say I dont have the previous game wich I have, I try to makee a refresh on account overview on IOI but Hitman 1 still doesnt appear, someone know what is the problem? Sorry for my writing , Im french.

Your writing is fine.

I have a couple of questions.

What platform are we talking about?

Do you own HITMAN 2016 in full or have the full Legacy Pack in HITMAN 2?

If it is the latter, I do not know if it will register as you “owning” HITMAN 2016.

If you do own a separate copy of the first game, load it up, go to options and the IOI account section. Then check your account online again.

xbox seriees x and I have all previous version of the game hitman GOTY and 2 , they are both install. I send a email to IOI still a couple of days to wait I guess.

Are the 2 previous games both installed on your Series X or are they on the one.

Because I had them both on PS4, but had to put them both on PS5 to get my H1 and H2 access packs.

they are both install.

Load 2016 and go the IOI Account section in options. Try to see if it lets you sync it

OMG !!! THX IT WORKS!!! Now I have all my suits and items and I can do a reload without any issue thank you so much and cant believe I didnt think about it before, I install both games hitman GOTY and hitman 2 did a resync on both and now everything is fine finally!
THX AGAIN and have a nice day!

I am glad I could help.

Now agent, I leave you to prepare. :grinning: