IOI Account problems

Dear Community,
I purchased Hitman 3 yesterday and now wanted to link it to my 150 hours in Hitman 2 to take over my progress. Unfortunately I no longer have access to my email from my old IOI account and I don’t remember the password. But I still have full access to my Steam account. The support was unfortunately quite incompetent with my problem and could not help me. What can I do now? I can play both games, but without my earned items Hitman 3 is not much fun.

You can create a new account with the email that you won’t lose access to and try to link the game with this new account.
Maybe you’ll need help from Support guys to unlink your game from previous account, but you still can try to do this on your own by just linking it to a new one.
Maybe it will work.
And then just do a carryover process

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