IOI Insider July 22, 2021

Most Escalations in H2016 were really just fillers.

I like the escalations in Hitman 2/3. Dalton Dissection, Berlin Egg Hunt, Delgado Larceny, Dubious Cohabitation, Bartholomew Hornswoggle, McAllister Ransack,
Unpalpable Termination and The Mills Reverie were all great. I’d be fine if they put their effort into something else, if that permanent event is really good then escalations can die out on a high. I just dont think IO will come up with anything else that can come out consistently


Even though they have not promised to read or address them, I’m going to use this as an opportunity to ask questions for the stream since I do not have a Twitch account and picking out good questions from that stream chat is difficult, soz @Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI x

  • Will any changes be made to contracts mode versions of maps (Better exits, unlocked default entrance on Mendoza)?
  • Would you say the 7DS content is getting bigger and better with each season?
  • Can you give us a number of how many devs are working on H3 content now?
  • Should we all give up on Contracts Mode ever getting an improvement in this game?
  • In an interview with a magazine when DLC for H3 was announced, IO said the great thing about how the game is set up is you can make content for maps from the previous games, is that going to actually happen?

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I’d just like to see new Challenge Packs for Hitman 3’s levels with new unlocks added


Challenge Packs were scrapped for HITMAN 3, it’s been said by Travis, community manager at IO.
No vain hopes should be risen on this one


I know, my response to maydaymemer was because I thought they were saying what they’d ideally like to see in terms of new content so I posted what I’d ideally like to see, however unlikely either of our hopes are. I had much more fun figuring out some of the challenges from the packs in 1 and 2 than I ever did for the average escalation.


At what time will the stream start?

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2pm CEST. (There’s a link in the original post if you’d like to convert that to your local time.)


I’m in the CEST zone, but thanks!


No. Especially for consoles.

Developers have to pay large costs to Sony and Microsoft (there’s likely some sort of cost on other platforms too but perhaps not as extreme) for deployment of each patch they release (though the get the first one for free). It would be a poor business decision to release a patch specifically to put ET/special event data into the game right before they are meant to go live - especially since IO doesn’t charge for the content at all - just so that leaks can be avoided.

It has nothing to do with the patch system being inconvenient. It’s what makes financial sense.


Same here. I’d better have more Challenge Packs then paid Escalations that give no joy.

@thrison I see. It makes sense now as well. Though I personally don’t understand why the companies charge developers for patches. Kind of ridiculous. But business, yes


Where to watch:
What time: Converting 2PM CEST to your time


It makes sense that there is a charge for patches since storage on servers isn’t free, and neither is bandwidth. And charging consumers for patches wouldn’t go down well at all if they weren’t charging developers - so I’d be surprised if there weren’t costs for patches on other platforms too tbh.

I’m glad IO chose the perfect seasonal ingredient for the cake this time, if you know what I mean.



since the stream starts in about an hour, i’ll leave this message as a marker for when discussion about the stream actually starts. just for visibility


Is anyone gonna be taking notes?


Anthony said he’ll be doing the recap, he always does. Others may too. If last IOI Insider is anything to go by then there’ll be at least 2-3 recaps.


Roadmap preview today anyone think?

but i don’t understand (as usual with IO): What will be revealed today? Roadmap? A preview of the roadmap? The theme of the special event? Or the 4th sin?