Ioi: Please fix and change Guard Zones / Trespassing. They are terribly inconsistent, and destroy routing

I love these games and have probably 600 hours in the trilogy. Right into it.

Guard zones and trespassing, frisking or not, are at best inconsistent, and at worst, completely broken.

Some guard zones / trespassing / frisk areas (or not frisk areas), the guard clearly tells you you can’t come in. Most of the time they tell you too late. Some don’t even tell you at all.

Mendoza from the microphone, bar, sushi area there’s stairs that go up to the Villa. I went as a bodyguard. The gaucho or whatever guards say NOTHING to me. I walk through and I lose SA, I get tresspassing, and I start getting shot.

I’m not going to play the entire game on every stage with every disguise to tell you what works and what doesn’t work. That’s IOI’s job.

This is my first post. If I’m posting in the wrong place, tell me where to post.

IOI needs to fix the guards so they tell you early, clearly delineate the trespass zone with some color scheme, or even better, make an text indicator above the mini-map where you see stuff like Searching and Unconscious Witness, and put Disguise Failure or something so you know before you screw up 45 minutes of un-save-able routing.

The trilogy has been out for 7 years and has made oodles of money. This doesn’t require art, just a text overlay, and doesn’t require much time investment. The trilogy maps already have it programmed where it knows which disguises will pass or fail, and where the safe zone currently is, and where the failure area begins. This is a programmer’s job to put in a simple font text overlay above the minimap.

It could be done in 1 day and tested within a week, month tops. It’s infuriating for the player to lose because the game doesn’t warn you in any way shape or form that you’ll fail. In many of these areas they’ll literally just stare at you.

There’s a few that are programmed to give you a short window of time to move back before you lose SA, but most are instant SA failure and sometimes turn into combat.