IOI punishing who preordered only the standard edition of H3

The price of the Deluxe Pack on my EU PS store is 34.99€, exactly half the price of the standard edition. This is ridiculous.

Just wait a little, the Hitman Games are on sale regularly. Also what did you expect? That you order the Standard Edition and update it like 5 Day after release and get it cheaper than the people who pre ordered the Deluxe Edition? THAT would be punishing the People who pre ordered.


It was overpriced in a lot of places. I paid nearly $50 more for Deluxe on an $87 game.

Why not simply price it at the difference of the two packages ?

because then nobody would have a reason to pre order the Deluxe Edition. Just wait a couple of weeks and its on sale.


As @MrOchoa said: it is an incentive for people to buy the Deluxe Edition.
It is quite normal that Deluxe Editions are cheaper than buying the Standard Edition + Deluxe pack individually.

So no surprises here.


$87 for the standard game :flushed: I paid 80€ for the deluxe on PC

Yeah, $136 for Deluxe in New Zealand. Disappointing, too. The commentary is kinda barebones. Don’t have soundtracks or artbooks yet…

Oh yeah I heard about game pricing in NZ and Australia.