Is freelancer worth playing?

i watched the intro and played only for a minute and never played it again. should i try it again or is it garbage? its not a new map wtf is it

It’s a new mode that functions kind of like contracts mode, only it keeps going, you earn money and unlock weapons and tools you can’t get in the main game (yet), and can customize the safehouse you go to between missions. The true sell of the mode is that the targets are picked at random from NPCs on the existing maps, and you have to figure out how to kill them, in a way that maximizes you’re earnings and minimizes how alert and ready for you the guards are on the next map.

Is it worth playing? That’s an eye of the beholder kind of thing, but if you enjoy testing yourself by not knowing what your next challenge is going to be, I’d say it’s likely worth it for the majority of players.


it’s a rogue-like game mode. Basically, you start from nothing, earning weapons from drops and suppliers, while doing contracts that get harder and harder from syndicates.

Specific syndicates have conditions that often repeat, and can be done to have some consistency in approach. Much of the gameplay here is mastery-focused and filling up your weapons wall. Fair warning, Mastery starts to get harder to earn around Level 40, so be prepared for a lot of grinding after that.

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This snippet from an article online (prior to release) sums Freelancer up in a nutshell :grin:

Answering the title question, it worth playing if you’re a completionist and want to collect all the game challenges and therefore complete the game by 100%.
If you don’t care about that, I would say it’s not worth spending time on that.
Basically this is a bit modified and expanded [Featured] Contracts Mode.
An extended variation of Escalation Contracts, if you like.
Well, it’s a new mode, but it has roughly nothing new gameplay wise.
It’s not a new mission, it’s not a new map, it doesn’t have any unique mechanics or stuff.
I just advise you to play it a little more and decide by yourself if it worth for you, at least you’ll know this thing out of your own experience not by some one else’s

I would say yes. I tried it for the first time a few days ago and was incredible frustrated with it and stopped playing. Gave it another chance and now i cant stop playing it. My biggest problem with my first try was, that i wanted to play it like i normally play hitman. So i went for SASO. But once i understood what freelancer wants from me, adapting my playstyle, using tactics i never used before and playing smarter and slower it clicked for me. I can freely kill guards, i see new parts of maps, i have to think on my feet. Sometimes i fail but that is part of the game. When everything goes well, or when you barely escape after a big shootout, it is an incredibly satisfying feeling.


Freelancer is an excuse to play Hitman, which is good enough for me. The issue for me which is unique to Freelancer is that I am intimidated by the catastrophic loss of all your rewards by a stupid mistake. What I like is the choices – in which location that you choose, which objectives you choose and what approach that you take.

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That frustrated me too at first, but now i dont even mind it. With every level you unlock and with every new room in your house, you get some unique items you can always pick up. Who knew that a banana from the kitchen can be so useful lol. Also a free garrote at the medical bay, free car battery and wrench in the garage etc etc. Also after failing my first two campaigns becauss i did not understand the mode, i’m now on a 3 campaign streak and have plenty of money to buy useful stuff or replace it when i loose it in a mission

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Lost my patience months ago because the prestige challenges take far too much time to complete.

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Definiely worth playing, but it is different than the main missions.

You should give it a try anyway!

It’s beyond unbelievable and a YES. However you should complete the main campaign, open up everything. Know where things are.

Also example

New York - The job applicant, every time I play NY I do the interview, from the mission story in the main campaign.

Knowing that because I played the campaign helped.

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